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Discover Fascinating AI and Machine Learning Projects

Do you feel overwhelmed going through all the AI and Machine learning study materials?

These Machine learning and AI projects will get you started with the implementation of a few very interesting projects from scratch.

Project 1: Web Application for Object Identification

This project will teach you to deploy a simple machine learning application for object identification. With hands-on experience, you’ll gain practical insights into how machine learning applications work.

Project 2: Dog Breed Prediction with Deep Learning

In this project, you’ll build and optimize a model for dog breed prediction among 120 breeds of dogs using deep learning libraries. This will give you valuable experience in working with complex datasets and advanced algorithms.

Project 3: Credit Card Fraud Detection

Credit Card Fraud detection is one of the most commonly used applications in the Finance Industry. In this project, you will learn about its development and deployment, gaining expertise in a critical domain.
Each of these projects will help you to learn practically and reinforce your understanding of AI and Machine Learning concepts.

Meet Your Instructor – Professional Trainer and ML Expert

Who’s teaching you in this course? I am a Professional Trainer and consultant with expertise in Languages C, C++, Python, Java, Scala, and Big Data Technologies like PySpark and Spark using Scala. I specialize in Machine Learning & Deep Learning with sci-kit-learn, TensorFlow, TFLearn, Keras, h2o, and have delivered training at top corporates worldwide.
I have shared my knowledge that will guide you to understand the holistic approach towards ML.

Why Pursue a Career in Machine Learning?

Here are a few reasons for you to consider a career in Machine Learning:

  1. Machine learning is a skill of the future – Despite the exponential growth in Machine Learning, the field faces skill shortage. If you can meet the demands of large companies by gaining expertise in Machine Learning, you will have a secure career in a technology that is on the rise.
  2. Work on real challenges – Businesses in this digital age face a lot of issues that Machine learning promises to solve. As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will work on real-life challenges and develop solutions that have a deep impact on how businesses and people thrive. Needless to say, a job that allows you to work and solve real-world struggles gives high satisfaction.
  3. Learn and grow – Since Machine Learning is on the boom, by entering into the field early on, you can witness trends firsthand and keep on increasing your relevance in the marketplace, thus augmenting your value to your employer.
  4. An exponential career graph – All said and done, Machine learning is still in its nascent stage. And as the technology matures and advances, you will have the experience and expertise to follow an upward career graph and approach your ideal employers.
  5. Build a lucrative career– The average salary of a Machine Learning engineer is one of the top reasons why Machine Learning seems a lucrative career to a lot of us. Since the industry is on the rise, this figure can be expected to grow further as the years pass by.
  6. Side-step into data science – Machine learning skills help you expand avenues in your career. Machine Learning skills can endow you with two hats- the other of a data scientist. Become a hot resource by gaining expertise in both fields simultaneously and embark on an exciting journey filled with challenges, opportunities, and knowledge.

Machine learning is happening right now. So, you want to have an early bird advantage of toying with solutions and technologies that support it. This way, when the time comes, you will find your skills in much higher demand and will be able to secure a career path that’s always on the rise.

Practical Learning – Project-Based Approach

Project-based learning has proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage students and provide a practical application for what they’re learning. It provides opportunities for students to collaborate or drive their learning, but it also teaches them skills such as problem-solving and helps to develop additional skills integral to their future, such as critical thinking and time management.
By pursuing this course, you will be able to understand the concept of Machine learning at the next level, and you will also get to know about Artificial intelligence, which will boost your skill set to be a successful ML engineer.

Enroll Now and Start Your Learning Journey!

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