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Course: Learn jQuery – For BeginnersLearn to create animated, interactive web pages using jQuery Library

Take your web development skills to new heights by using jQuery to create animated, interactive web page components using this powerful JavaScript Library.

We begin with the fundamental concepts such as embedding jQuery into documents and basic syntax. We then progress into working with Events, Event handlers, animations, fading, sliding, toggling, hiding and much more. Students will also learn to effectively use Callback functions and chaining methods.

Through a series of hands-on exercises students will create draggable layers, accordion menus and fully animated web interfaces. Many other jQuery attributes, filters and classes are also explored.

What you’ll learn – Overview:

Embedding jQueryjQuery Syntax, Selector, Class, IDjQuery EventsjQuery Mouse EffectsjQuery Event HandlersjQuery AnimationsjQuery Callback and Chaining FunctionsjQuery Queue FunctionsjQuery Append & PrependjQuery Toggle Class

Key Concepts:

Intro to jQueryEmbedding jQueryjQuery Syntax and Selector IntrojQuery ID SelectorjQuery Class SelectorjQuery Other SelectorsExternal jQuery FilejQuery Events IntrojQuery Events – mouseenter and mouseleavejQuery Events – mousedown and mouseupjQuery Multiple Event HandlersjQuery Hiding-ShowingjQuery TogglejQuery Fade In-OutjQuery Fade TogglejQuery Fade TojQuery Slide DownjQuery Slide UpjQuery Slide TogglejQuery AnimatejQuery Animate – Multiple ParamsjQuery Animate – Relative ValuesjQuery Animate – Queue FunctionalityjQuery Stop MethodjQuery Callback FunctionsjQuery ChainingjQuery DraggablesjQuery Accordian MenujQuery Get Content – text and htmljQuery Get Content – ValjQuery Get Content – attrjQuery Set Content – text – html – valjQuery Set Attributes – attrjQuery Append and PreprendjQuery – After and BeforejQuery Remove and EmptyjQuery Filter RemovejQuery Add ClassjQuery Remove ClassjQuery Toggle Class

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What you will learn :

1. Embedding jQuery
2. jQuery Syntax, Selector, Class, ID
3. jQuery Events
4. jQuery Mouse Effects
5. jQuery Event Handlers
6. jQuery Animations
7. jQuery Callback and Chaining Functions
8. jQuery Queue Functions
9. jQuery Append u0026 Prepend
10. jQuery Toggle Class

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