Learn JavaScript – For Beginners [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Course: Learn JavaScript – For BeginnersLearn how to Code Web Pages using JavaScript

Students learn to add dynamic, interactivity to web pages using JavaScript.

We start with exploring the fundamental concepts, including JavaScript placement and output functions. We then transition to working with arithmetic operators, math functions, arrays, sorting, conditional statements and loops. Students also learn to work with events and functions.

The course includes several hands-on exercises to help students master this essential scripting language.

What you’ll learn – Overview:

Document Object Model (DOM)JavaScript Variables & ConstantsJavaScript Arithmetic OperatorsJavaScript Operator PrecedenceJavaScript Data TypesJavaScript ObjectsJavaScript Special CharactersJavaScript FunctionsJavaScript ArraysJavaScript Sorting & Slicing ArraysJavaScript Booleans, Loops, For-In, For, Do-While, While LoopsJavaScript FunctionsJavaScript Events

Key Concepts:

Document Object Model (DOM)JavaScript IntroductionJS PlacementExternal JavaScriptJavaScript OutputJavaScript InnerHTMLJavaScript CommentingJavaScript ConstantsJavaScript Variables IntroductionJavaScript Assignment OperatorJavaScript Arithmetic OperationsJavaScript Arithmetic Operations ContinuedJavaScript Operator PrecedenceJavaScript Data TypesJavaScript ObjectsJavaScript Object OutputJavaScript StringsJavaScript String LengthJavaScript Special CharactersJavaScript Random NumbersJavaScript Min and Max FunctionJavaScript Math Round FunctionJavaScript ArraysJavaScript Array AttributesJavaScript Arrays – Pop – Push – Shift – UnshiftJavaScript Changing and Deleting ElementsJavaScript Splicing an ArrayJavaScript Sorting an ArrayJavaScript Joining ArraysJavaScript Conditional StatementsJavaScript ComparisonsJavaScript BooleansJavaScript For LoopsJavaScript For-In LoopJavaScript While LoopsJavaScript Do-While LoopJavaScript Break and ContinueJavaScript FunctionsJavaScript EventsJavaScript Project 1 – BG Color ChangerJavaScript Project 2 – Photo GalleryJavaScript Project 2 – Completion

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What you'll learn :

>Document Object Model (DOM)
>JavaScript Variables & Constants
>JavaScript Arithmetic Operators
>JavaScript Operator Precedence
>JavaScript Data Types
>JavaScript Objects
>JavaScript Special Characters
>JavaScript Functions

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