Java Mastery: Level Up with the Latest Java 17 Edition

Java Mastery: Level Up with the Latest Java 17 Edition feature image

Suvarna Sachin Barsode

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Course : Learn Java to Master(updated to Java 17)

Free Udemy Coupon – Java Mastery

Free Udemy Coupon – Java Mastery


About the Course

Hi, I am Suvarna from India. I am here to introduce you to an exciting new course on Java programming. This course is designed to help you master Java and become a confident programmer.

Course Content

The course is divided into several sections, each covering an important aspect of Java programming. Here are 23 sections that are already live:

  • Modules (practical)
  • Switch Expressions
  • Records, and Other Recently Added Features
  • Exploring NIO
  • Introducing the AWT: Working with Windows, Graphics, and Text
  • Using AWT Controls, Layout Managers, and Menus Images
  • The Concurrency Utilities
  • The Stream API
  • Regular Expressions and Other Packages
  • Introducing Swing
  • Exploring Swing
  • Introducing Swing Menus
  • Java Beans
  • Introducing Servlets

Please note that this list will be updated on a daily basis. By enrolling now, you will gain access to all the topics mentioned above as and when they are updated, just like other students.

Why Choose This Course?

I am not just here to teach you coding. I am here to make you fall in love with coding. My aim is for every student to enjoy the programming process. By mastering Java, you open up a world of opportunities in the programming field.

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages, and many programmers earn a substantial income by utilizing their Java skills. To stand out in this competitive industry, you need to be a smart and passionate programmer.

Course Details

Comprehensive Coverage

This course covers every aspect of Java programming in detail. You will learn everything from variables and arrays to packages and interfaces. The course also covers advanced topics like Generics, AWT, and Swing.

Real-World Applications

After completing this course, you will have a deep understanding of Java and the ability to develop real-world Java applications. The course includes practical examples and hands-on exercises to enhance your learning experience.

Build Your Confidence

The key to becoming a successful Java programmer is to thoroughly learn the course materials and practice regularly. By investing your time and effort into this course, you will gain the confidence to build your Java programs from scratch.


Thank you for considering this course. I assure you that enrolling in this course will be a decision you won’t regret. Take the first step towards becoming a passionate Java programmer and start your learning journey today. Cheers!

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What you will learn :

1. Learn basic concepts clearly of all important topics
2. Learn in detail view of of topics by taking notes in theory videos.
3. Understand programs how they can be built in practical videos
4. Revise and master every aspect
5. Learn modern Java programming to build real world Java application
6. Learn to build complete Java application without anybody’s help

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