Learn Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Are you a developer and you want to learn more about DevOps ?

Are you looking for a practical guide to get you started with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment ?

Are you working on Web, Mobile, Container or Database projects and you want to implement CI/CD ?

This course will show you demos for how to create CI/CD pipelines for different type of projects.

You will start with web applications: Java, .NET Core and NodeJs.

Then, you will see mobile apps with Xamarin and deployment into App Center.

Next, you will see how to create CI/CD for Docker applications and deploy to Kubernetes.

After that, you will include the Database in the pipelines. You will be given a demo with SQL Server with deployment into Microsoft Azure Cloud.

And you will use ARM templates to provision resources in Azure.

Those pipelines will run unit tests, functional tests and static source code analysis with Sonar Cloud.

You will also see good practises for securing keys and secrets using Azure Key Vault.

Technologies: Microsoft Azure Cloud, Sonar Cloud, App Center, Azure DevOps.

The list of demos:

CI/CD pipelines for Java appCI/CD pipelines for .NET Core appCI/CD pipelines for SQL Server DatabaseDeploy ARM templates into Azure (IaC)Complete CI/CD pipelines for Web App and SQL Server DatabaseCI/CD pipelines for KubernetesCI/CD pipelines for Mobile appCI/CD pipelines for Node.js appSecure DevOps Kit for AzureIaC with Terraform

Houssem Dellai

What you'll learn :

1. What is DevOps and CI/CD
2. Creating CI/CD pipelines for Web, Mobile and Container apps
3. Including the Database into the pipelines
4. Configure deployment to Azure Cloud
5. Run unit, functional and load tests as part of the pipeline
6. Analyse source code using Sonar
7. Use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) from CI/CD with ARM templates
8. Use Configuration as Code (CaC) in Azure DevOps
9. Create Dev-Test-Prod environments
10. Secure the pipelines sensitive data
11. Use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) from CI/CD with Terraform

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