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Last Updated on July 22, 2023 by GeeksGod

With hundreds of useful programming languages out there, why learn Java? Software developers today utilize hundreds of programming languages, but none are as widely used, versatile, or transferrable as Java.

Thanks to Java’s many benefits and capabilities, this beginner-friendly programming language has remained in high demand across industries, including small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, for over a quarter-century. We actually love that you’re asking the question, “Why learn Java?” That kind of critical thinking shows you’re already closer to the problem-solving skills needed to work in tech!

Java Developers are some of the most in-demand tech professionals in the industry. They work with the programming language Java to design and build innovative applications and websites. These developers specialize and dedicate their time to learning and implementing Java, a server-side language used for most backend development projects. This course is designed for a beginner, who plans to become a Java developer and aims to get a first Java programming job, but strives to discover what skills employers want. This course is for you! This course will provide those skills. This course covers all the basic concepts, tools, functions and required topics that a Java developer usually requires during the development process of the application.

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What you will learn :

1. Object
2. Functions
3. Object Oriented
4. Strings
5. Variables

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