Launching NFTs: Building NFT Minting Website with No Code

Christ Raharja

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Welcome to Launching NFTs: Building NFT Minting Website with No Code course. This is basically an extensive project based course where you will be fully guided step by step on how to build a NFT minting website from scratch using Webflow which allows you to build a high quality and fully customized website without having to write a single line of code. In the introduction session, you will learn the basic fundamentals on how NFT minting websites work, starting from the NFT creators deploying the smart contract to the blockchain all the way to the NFT buyers minting the NFT to their wallet. Then, you will learn about Webflow platform which is the main tool that will be utilized in this course to build the NFT minting website without having to code, you will extensively learn how to customize designs, integrate the website with the blockchain, and create mint button which will enable the NFT buyers to mint by clicking on that particular button. Besides web flow, this course also concentrates on NFT generator tool as you will be introduced to several different tools to create your NFT collection, such as Hotpot AI which is AI text to image generator which happens to have NFT generator feature, then you will also learn about Gentfy which is a platform to generate thousands of NFT for your collection, as well as NFT smart contract generator like MetaCommerce and Buildship which will be used to create smart contract for our NFTs and enable blockchain integration with Webflow website. This course also comes with a project where you will be guided to create your NFT collection without code and build NFT minting website from scratch, afterward integrate your NFT smart contract to the website, then conduct testing to ensure it works the way is supposed to by using Goerli network which is Ethereum testnet, by doing so, we are not going spend any money since Ethereum on Goerli network is not real Ethereum. Lastly, the course will also be complemented with effective marketing strategies to promote NFT projects.

Before getting into the course, let’s ask this question to ourselves: why should we learn how to build a NFT minting website? Isn’t the NFT hype over? Well, although that statement is partially true, the hype from last year is over and the NFT monthly transaction volume decreases, nonetheless, NFT is still here to stay. Among all NFT projects, if you notice, the ones that are successful are NFT projects with real use cases. Hence, when it comes to launching successful NFT projects, the major thing that you need to pay very close attention to is its use case and whether the use case is actually in high demand in the market. However, regardless of the future of NFT, learning how to build a fully customisable website and integrating smart contracts to enable the website’s interaction with blockchain is definitely in high demand and extremely valuable skills to have whether as a blockchain developer, NFT creator, or perhaps blockchain project freelancers where you can help your clients building their NFT projects.

Below are thing that you are going to learn in the course:

Learn how NFT minting website worksLearn how to find free webflow template to cloneLearn how to create NFT using Hotpot AILearn how to generate NFT collection using GentfyLearn how to build NFT smart contract using BuildshipLearn how to build NFT smart contract using Meta CommerceLearn how to conduct testing with Goerli testnetLearn how to implement effective marketing strategies to promote NFT projectsLearn how to build NFT minting website using webflow from scratchLearn how to integrate NFT smart contract to NFT minting website

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What you will learn :

1. Learn how to build NFT minting website with no code
2. Learn the fundamentals of Webflow to build and customise basic website template
3. Learn how to generate NFT smart contract using Meta Commerce and Buildship
4. Learn how to create NFT using Hotpot AI text to image generator
5. Learn how to integrate Webflow website with NFT smart contract
6. Learn marketing strategies to promote NFT projects

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