Kubernetes Packaging Manager 2023: HELM MasterClass

Kubernetes Packaging Manager 2023: HELM MasterClass feature image

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Course : HELM MasterClass 2023: Kubernetes Packaging Manager

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About Helm

Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes. It is widely used by thousands of companies including Oracle, SalesForce, LinkedIn, and Dell to release and upgrade applications on Kubernetes clusters.

Why Use Helm as Your Kubernetes Packaging Manager?

Helm is an essential tool for developers and system administrators working with Kubernetes. It allows you to easily package, install, and manage applications on a Kubernetes cluster. By using Helm, you can save time and effort in deploying and upgrading applications, making it a valuable tool for any Kubernetes project.

How to Use Helm

In this course, you will learn all the necessary topics to effectively use Helm as your Kubernetes packaging manager. Some of the key topics covered in this course include:

Adding Repositories and Using Charts

Learn how to add repositories and use charts in Helm. Discover the different commands and techniques to leverage Helm’s repository system.

Releasing to Kubernetes Cluster

Understand how to perform releases to a Kubernetes cluster using the helm install command. Learn how to manage the release workflow and perform upgrades using the helm upgrade command.

Release Records and History

Learn about release records and how to check release history. Gain the knowledge to perform rollbacks and understand the importance of maintaining release history.

Advanced Helm Commands

Become familiar with advanced Helm commands that will enhance your productivity and troubleshooting abilities. Explore command options and parameters to achieve specific tasks.

Chart Development and Management

Master the folder structure and files required to create a chart. Learn how to package charts and work with the helm-templating syntax. Dive deep into functions, conditional statements, and loops to create dynamic charts.

Working with Dependencies

Understand how to add chart dependencies and manage them effectively. Learn how to run chart tests and validate chart behavior in real-world scenarios.

Chart Repositories and Security

Host and use chart repositories for seamless distribution and sharing of charts. Secure your charts using signatures and hashes to ensure the integrity of your packages.

Usecase Deployment with Helm

As part of this course, you will work on a real-world usecase and deploy a microservice to Kubernetes using Helm. This hands-on experience will solidify your understanding of Helm and its capabilities.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for both beginners and experienced individuals. If you are new to Helm, this course will provide you with a strong foundation to start using Helm for your projects. For experienced users, this course will help you further enhance your skills and ensure you have a solid understanding of Helm’s fundamentals.


Adding Helm to your skill set will not only increase your job opportunities but also potentially lead to higher salary prospects. By mastering Helm, you will be able to efficiently manage application deployment and upgrades on Kubernetes clusters.

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What you will learn :

1. HELM package manager installation and configuration
2. HELM architecture and interaction with Kubernetes RBAC
3. Do atomic installations and forceful upgrades
4. Upgrade releases using HELM upgrade
5. Use functions, conditional statements, loops and more

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