Beginners Hands-on Kubernetes Course – Get Started Today!

Beginners Hands-on Kubernetes Course - Get Started Today!

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Course : KUBERNETES – Beginners Hands-on Course

This training has been developed by keeping all the important factors in mind that have to be considered while drafting the course. The entire course has been composed in a single unit to make it very effective and efficient for the trainees to take this course. To make it easy for the audience to understand the concepts, we have included various examples in this course which has been chosen very carefully to meet the expectations of the trainees. It is going to be almost around two hours and forty minutes long video tutorial which covers all the beginners, medium and advanced level topics. You will come across various news topics that may be directly or indirectly concerned with this technology. This course is moreover focused on practical aspects rather than just explaining things theoretically. It suits the developers who want to learn about the sort of container that makes the deployment pretty simple.

Kubernetes can be defined as the open-source container that facilitates the automatic deployment of the application and scaling up it. It can also be defined as the tool or technology that enables the developers to push the application code into the server so that the application could be up and working in a production environment. The sole role of Kubernetes is to manage the deployment for the application by mitigating human effort to manually push the code or the branch in production. It has been developed by Google to automate its deployment and currently it is being managed by Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It is very simple to work with and once configured properly, it does all the deployment-related tasks without human intervention. It is very useful for the giant application that requires a huge effort to get deployed to managed. By its features, it can also do the deployment management as per the instructions provided through configuration.

Benefits of Learning Kubernetes

There are various kinds of concepts added in this course that endorse the learning of this technology. All those concepts must be understood by everyone willing to master Kubernetes.

Automation of Application Deployment

Kubernetes facilitates the automatic deployment of applications, eliminating the need for manual intervention and saving time and effort. With Kubernetes, developers can push their application code into the server and have it up and running in a production environment quickly and efficiently.

Efficient Scaling

Scaling up applications can be a complex task, but Kubernetes simplifies the process by automatically managing the scaling of resources based on demand. It allows for seamless horizontal scaling, ensuring that your application can handle increased traffic and workload without any downtime.

Improved Resource Management

Kubernetes provides a centralized platform for managing resources, allowing developers to optimize resource allocation and utilization. It ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, reducing wastage and increasing the overall efficiency of the system.

What Will You Learn in This Kubernetes Course?

Keeping this point in mind, all the topics that make you skillful to work with Kubernetes has been included in this Online Kubernetes Course. At the beginning of the course, the educator will help you to understand all the essentials that are required to learn the advanced level topics of this course. You will be learning the entire process to set up Kubernetes in a manner so that one could automate the deployment using this.

Course Outline

Introduction to Kubernetes

In this section, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Kubernetes, its features, and its benefits. You will learn about containerization, orchestration, and how Kubernetes fits into the modern application development landscape.

Setting Up Kubernetes

In this module, you will learn how to set up Kubernetes and configure it for deployment. You will explore different installation methods and learn best practices for setting up a Kubernetes cluster.

Deploying Applications with Kubernetes

Once you have Kubernetes up and running, you will learn how to deploy applications using the platform. You will learn about pods, services, and how to manage application deployments effectively.

Scaling and Autoscaling

In this section, you will learn how to scale your applications using Kubernetes. You will explore different scaling strategies and learn how to configure autoscaling to ensure optimal resource allocation.

Monitoring and Logging

Kubernetes provides a robust monitoring and logging system, and in this module, you will learn how to utilize these features effectively. You will learn about various monitoring tools and practices and learn how to troubleshoot issues using log data.

Advanced Kubernetes Concepts

This module covers advanced topics such as networking, storage, and security in Kubernetes. You will learn how to configure networking between pods, manage storage volumes, and implement security best practices.

Who Should Take This Kubernetes Course?

This course is suitable for a wide range of professionals who are interested in learning Kubernetes and improving their containerization and deployment skills. It is particularly beneficial for:

  • Developers who want to learn containerization and automate application deployments
  • DevOps engineers who want to enhance their Kubernetes skills
  • System administrators who want to learn how to deploy applications using Kubernetes
  • IT professionals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in application development and deployment


By completing this Kubernetes course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Kubernetes and its ability to automate application deployment and scaling. You will learn how to set up Kubernetes, deploy applications, and utilize advanced features such as scaling, monitoring, and logging. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in deploying and managing applications using Kubernetes.

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What you will learn :

1. You will be learning the entire process to set up Kubernetes in a manner so that one could automate the deployment using this.
2. We have included some of the projects or sample questions in this course which are used to fortify one’s root on this technology.
3. After completing this course, you will be able to work very thoroughly with Kubernetes.
4. The objective of this course is to train the developers and the application admins on deployment management.

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