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Kaizen is essential for lean practitioners, one of the most important tools, if you may say so. The course will be periodically updated to let you know very new trends in kaizen, continuous improvement and making a kaizen leadership approach. There are no particular requirements for this course. Anyone with interest in kaizen and continuous improvement can be helpful. If you are new, may be a kaizen practitioner level of knowledge will be more helpful but this course is self sufficient in making you a kaizen freak if you haven’t learned or if this concept is new to you. Kaizen is an approach to creating continuous improvement based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap major improvements. . Regardless of the methodology, in an organizational setting, the successful use of Kaizen rests on gaining support for the approach across the organization, and from the CEO down. Do you know that almost all FORTUNE 500 companies are using or had used Kaizen during their business growth curve? Be it FORD motor company which survived and recovered the rough times during Great recession of late 2000s, Herman Miller or even aerospace technology company like Lockheed Martin during development of Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) system, Kaizen has always been in lead role. We also may have heard the stories how Toyota used Kaizen for improving productivity and quality. It is for this reason that even Government sectors of many nations have also been largely interested in implementing this technique to improve public sectors.

Taking this course will equip you to successfully deploy Kaizen methodology and drive Business Performances. It will Introduce you to the structured approach to Identify and eliminate wastes in Business to achieve overall Improvement. We will start with the kaizen basic concepts like kaizen burst and kaizen blitz and how kaizen is related to lean and six sigma with its basic differences with the two. We will study the benefits taking case studies of some fortune 500 companies

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What you will learn :

1. Utilize the Principles of Kaizen to continuously Improve Business Processes.
2. Boost organization’s and individual’s productivity and efficiency
3. Learn lean tools such as RCA (Root cause analysis), mistake proofing, fishbone, pull, continuous flow, Just in Time etc
4. Step by step approach using various tools and methods to implement Kaizen

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