Java Selenium Webdriver Automation Testing MasterClass

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Course : Selenium Webdriver Automation Testing with Java: MasterClass

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Learn Selenium Webdriver with Java Programming

If you are looking to become a master in Selenium Webdriver using the Java programming language, then this is the #1 course for you. This course is designed to provide you with the most comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to excel in Selenium Webdriver. Plus, it offers the added advantage of real-life experience by providing a dedicated test e-commerce store.

What does this course cover?

This course covers the history, architecture, and key features of Selenium Webdriver. You will also learn how to set up Selenium Webdriver for automation testing using the Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. In addition, it delves into the intricacies of Selectors/Locators, enabling you to effectively interact with various elements on the web. The course also provides a detailed understanding of Webdriver Waits.

In order to enhance your learning experience, the course includes a quick Java module, which is helpful for those looking to learn Java or refresh their knowledge.

The course further explores more advanced topics in Selenium Webdriver, such as element interaction on complex websites and handling Chrome Options, SSL certificates, and cookies. You will also get an overview of frameworks and gain an understanding of the journey ahead.

TestNG, a crucial component in Selenium Webdriver, is covered extensively in this course, along with parametrization, usage of global variables, and the significance of using a base page. Additionally, you will learn how to leverage Maven, a build automation tool, to accelerate your Java project development.

The course emphasizes the Page Object Model (POM) and teaches you how to follow good design practices for maintainable frameworks. You will build a framework from scratch with easy-to-follow steps. Furthermore, the course provides insights on achieving parallel execution using Thread Local and the integration of Jenkins Continuous Integration tool for automating test triggers based on date/time preferences.

To enhance reporting capabilities, the course includes a comprehensive section on Extent reports, demonstrating how to generate advanced and detailed professional reports. You will also learn how to pull data from Excel using Apache POI.

What makes this course different from others?

This course stands out from other Selenium Webdriver courses due to its focus on the “why” behind the concepts, rather than just the “how.” Each lecture begins with an explanation of the topic before moving on to practical demonstrations. The coding lectures provide downloadable code examples, and the structure of the course allows for easy reference to previous code examples.

From the fundamentals to the development of a well-designed professional framework, this course covers all the key topics, including Selenium Webdriver basics, TestNG, Maven, Extent Reports, Parallel Execution (using Thread Local), Jenkins, Apache POI, and much more. The course employs good design patterns and guides you step-by-step in utilizing the Page Object Model for maintainable frameworks.

The inclusion of a dedicated website and e-commerce store in the course equips you with real-life experiences similar to those encountered in the industry. Moreover, the course is recorded with professional recording equipment to ensure crystal-clear audio quality for each lesson.

You can be confident that by completing this course, you will have acquired a deep understanding and mastery of Selenium Webdriver. In case you are not satisfied with your learning experience, there is a 30-day refund policy in place.

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What you will learn :

1. You’ll learn effectively. There is NO bloat material found in this course!
2. You’ll develop a deep understanding of Selenium Webdriver using the Java programming language!
3. You’ll understand how to develop a well designed and maintainable framework from scratch!
4. You’ll learn WHY we do things, not just HOW to do things!
5. You’ll gain life-like experience using a dedicated website and e-commerce store!
6. You’ll develop a deep understanding of the Page Object Model so that your framework is maintainable!
7. You’ll learn many techniques and technologies including TestNG, Maven, Design Patterns, Jenkins, Extent Reports, Parallel Execution, Apache POI and more!

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