Java (and Cucumber) for Automation Testing

Manual 2 Automation Testing

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Are you thinking of moving from Manual to Automation Testing?

Do you believe Coding is the key to Automation Testing Career?

Then you should also be aware that Test Automation is certainly in high demand and that Java is one of the most common programming language used for Automation Testing. So, learn Java for Automation Testing covering Java Beginners to Advanced – from Automation Testing Projects view-point.

This realistic course covers “How to get started with Java for Automation Testing” to “How to use SOLID principles to become an Automation Tester”. Learn Java for Automation Testing practically and as industry expects from an Automation Tester.

The key objective of the Course is to learn numerous Java Practical concepts from Automation Testing Projects perspective and put the Java essentials into practice. This approach helps students to quickly and productively showcase Java as a key skill in their CV.

Also the exposure to Automation testing approach via project based learning would help students establish confidence in coding and think like an Automation Tester.

Likewise, students would learn Cucumber (a massive bonus) as a key skill for Automation Testing, in the context of Java OOP. With the right exposure to Cucumber framework and hands-on experience with Java, you can subsequently learn Selenium WebDriver for UI Automation or REST-assured for API Automation.

Note: this course caters for Java and Cucumber only and does NOT cover Selenium WebDriver or REST-assured.

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What you will learn :

1. In-depth understanding of Java Foundations & Object Oriented Programming for working on Automation Testing Projects
2. Gain confidence in Coding for Automation Testing Projects – be Productive at Work from Day-1
3. Learn Java (and bonus Cucumber) from an OOP & Automation TESTING PROJECTS view point
4. Learn Java essentials & apply in the context of Automation Testing Tools such as Selenium & REST-assured
5. Work on ASSIGNMENTS / INTERVIEW challenges, learn how to face technical interviews with significant TIPS
6. Understand complex topics like SOLID design principles with Project examples
7. PRACTICE your skills via ‘CODING EXERCISES’

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