Introduction to Front End Web Development with Javascript

Dr. Joy Alatta

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JavaScript has greatly simplified web application development and has continued to support back-end development which is also called service-side development. One of the exciting aspects of learning JavaScript is that most modern browsers are already running JavaScript. That means you are ready to roll without further investment in development environments. Most popular modern websites and browsers use JavaScript and all modern web browsers. Its popularity keeps on growing. High-tech companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Uber, all use JavaScript.

Learning objectives or outcomes

Learn the essential JavaScript skills for front end web development.Use arrays, conditional statements, and web storage.Create object-oriented JavaScript applications.Manipulate document object model (DOM) scripting.Create and use objects such as functions, dates, and strings.Design forms and controls that interact with the user.Debug JavaScript using industry tools.


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Module: Setting up the development environment

Module 4: Module 4: How to add JavaScript to a web page

Module 5: Basic JavaScript Functions

Section 6: Module 6: Document Object Model

Module 7: How to access HTML Elements (DOM Elements) with JavaScript

Module 8: JavaScript Variable

Module 9: Functions

Section 10: Module 10: JavaScript Control Structures

Module 11: JavaScript Arrays

Module 12: JavaScript Error Handling

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What you will learn :

1. Learn the essential JavaScript skills for front end web development.
2. Use arrays, conditional statements, and web storage.
3. Create object-oriented JavaScript applications.
4. Manipulate document object model (DOM) scripting.
5. Create and use objects such as functions, dates, and strings.
6. Design forms and controls that interacts with the user.
7. Debug JavaScript using industry tools.

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