Intro to Computer Organization, Number & Data Representation [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Aditya Mishra (Ph.D.)

What you'll learn :

1. What is a computer?
2. Basic computer organization
3. What is a program?
4. Generations of programming languages
5. What is machine language and assembly language?
6. What are high-level languages?
7. What is the computer level hierarchy in modern computers?
8. What is hardware?
9. What is software?
10. What is von Neumann machine?
11. How do instructions execute in a modern computer?
12. What is multi-core processor?
13. What are bits and bytes?
14. What are binary numbers?
15. How to convert binary numbers to decimal?
16. How to convert decimal numbers to binary?
17. What are hexadecimal numbers and why are they needed?
18. What is the range of numbers that can be expressed in a given memory space?
19. How to add binary numbers?
20. What is arithmetic overflow?
21. How to prevent overflow in C++ programs?
22. How to represent negative integers in computer’s memory?
23. How to convert an integer into twos complement representation?
24. How to add twos complement numbers?
25. How to detect overflow in twos complement number addition?
26. What is zero extension and sign extension?
27. What are floating point numbers?
28. What is the IEEE floating point representation?
29. How to convert a real number from decimal to binary format?
30. How to represent a decimal number in IEEE floating point representation?
31. What are the reserved bit patterns in IEEE floating point format?
32. What are the errors introduced in computation due to floating point representation?
33. How to minimize approximation errors in floating point computations?
34. What is ASCII character representation?
35. What is Unicode character representation?
36. How are images represented in our computer’s memory?
37. How is sound represented in a computer’s memory?

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