Interviewing Skills: Conducting Job Interviews

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Interviewing Skills are essential for managers who must screen new job applicants on a regular basis. You can conduct job interviews with prospective employees confidently and professionally. Never be nervous or uncomfortable again when speaking to job applicants about why they might want to work for your organization.

Conducting a job interview can be every bit as stressful as being interviewed for a job. A manager conducting a job interview with a prospective employee needs to know how to communicate the needs of the position as well as the value of the company. The interviewing manager must know how to present the company and engage in meaningful conversation with the job applicant. A job interview can be unnatural and awkward for both the interviewer and the interviewee. This course will teach managers how to prepare for interviews, how to ask the right questions, how to avoid the wrong questions and how to learn valuable insights on applicants in order to lead to better hiring decisions.

Students of this Interviewing Skills course will learn how to be completely comfortable, confident and relaxed while conducting interviews.

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking this Interviewing Skills course?

Conduct job interviews professionally

Prepare for job interviews

Minimize legal troubles from job interviews

What do Udemy students of this Interviewing Skills course have to say about the instructor?

“5 Stars! It was very useful to “refresh” the best practices on interviews for those who already have experience with that and for those who don’t it’s very clean and practical.” Beryk Salab

“5 Stars! Great course, be able to grasp what a job interview should be like in a very short time. Thank you for making this course available to all of us. :)” Akira Nakayama

“5 Stars! The information was relevant, and the presentation was excellent. I especially liked the supplemental materials, thanks!” William Russo

“5 Stars! Clarity and the ability to convey the message or the idea is sky high – really enjoyed the course.” Ahmad Suhaib

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this Interviewing Skills course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

“I really enjoyed the course, TJ Walker is extremely experienced and it’s easy to notice he is a great speaker and knows exactly what he is talking about. A great additional thing would be to see how he actually does an interview on someone (basically the task that he gave but done by himself) even a couple questions to also see his body language.”  Agnieszka Adamek

”Thank you for this amazing experience. I have been able to apply these skills in daily life not only at work as I am a junior recruiter, but also with my personal interaction. Definitely 5 stars!!!” Monique Le Keur

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What you will learn :

1. Conduct job interviews
2. Prepare for job interviews
3. Minimize legal troubles from job interviews

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