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Intermediate Python Training

Ahmed El Mohandes

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Course : Intermediate Python Immersive Training | Boost your career

Welcome to The Intermediate Python Immersive Training | Boost your career

In this course, you will learn in depth the most important Python language topics for the intermediate level.

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to use all these techniques, which we will list in detail.

There is a wonderful feature in this course, as it explains in important detail all you need in these topics in a direct and practical way that saves you valuable time and effort.

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to understand and use the following techniques in your Python programs:

Iterator from fruitstuple and print each value
Iterator from sequence of characters
For loop to iterate through a tuple
For loop to iterate through a string
Build an iterator that returns numbers
Raise StopIteration
Local scope of a function
Local variable can be accessed from a function inside function function
Global variables are available from within any scope
Naming and Renaming Variables
The global keyword makes the variable global
Adding placeholders, displayed as a number with two decimals
Adding Multiple Placeholders
Using index numbers for placeholders
Using named indexes
Simple generator function with yield
Return a value and terminate the execution of the function
Using generator function with for loop
Yield square of number
Loop and StopIteration automatically
Use generator expression
Pass generator expression in a function
Import the regular expressions module
Search the string to see if match or no match
Regex function, metacharacters, special sequences and sets
Findall list of matches
Search for the first white-space
Making a search that returns no match
Split at each white-space in the string
Replace every white space and count parameter
Search and return a match object
.span and Searching for upper case
String property to return the string passed into the function
Print the word that contains upper case
Display a list of all available modules
Create and change directory
Getcwd and rmdir
List files and subdirectories
Sys module
Math module
Collections and namedtuple
Collections and OrderedDict
Collections and deque
Random module with functions
Creating package called newpackage with files
Use from newpackage newfunctions to main
Work with init module and use modules
Installing collected newpackage
…. and more.

And if you have any inquiries in this course, the instructor will answer them and inform you in detail. In order to get the most out of this course.

I hope you will join us on this wonderful journey which I promise will truly benefit you.

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What you will learn :

1. Building Iterators
2. Coding regions in Python
3. Awesome string formatters
4. Generators in Python
5. Regular expression operations in Python 3.9.0
6. Python Built-in Modules
7. Making a Python Package

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