Beginner’s Certification Course: HTML, CSS, React

Beginner's Certification Course: HTML, CSS, React

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Course : HTML, CSS, React – Certification Course for Beginners

Welcome to the HTML, CSS, and React Certification Course for Beginners

In this comprehensive certification course, you will learn how to develop stylish and mobile responsive web pages from scratch using the most powerful front-end markup languages and JavaScript libraries. The course is designed for beginners and covers everything you need to know to become proficient in HTML, CSS, and React.

HTML Fundamentals

In the first section of the course, you will dive deep into HTML and explore its foundations. You will learn the structure of an HTML web page and how to work with various HTML elements. This includes inline text elements, ordered and unordered lists, embedding media, creating links, designing tables, working with background images, creating form elements, and using iframes. As part of hands-on learning, you will also create a complete web page with headers, footers, images, links, forms, and tabular data, allowing you to code simple and complex HTML pages with ease.

CSS Styling

In the second section, you will focus on CSS, which will bring your web pages to life with custom style sheets. You will learn the importance of responsive design and cross-browser compatibility. The course covers CSS rules, including parts and types of rules, CSS ids and divisions, margins, text properties, borders, transparency, and overlaying text on images. You will also delve into more advanced CSS concepts such as positioning, float properties, styling links, and working with z-indexes. Similarly to the HTML part, the CSS section concludes with a hands-on guide to building a responsive web page, illustrating CSS style definitions, element containers, navigation bars, and many other CSS page elements.

React Development

The next section of the course introduces you to the powerful JavaScript library, React, used for front-end UI development. You will start with a project that guides you through building a fully functional calculator using functional React components, props, callback functions, onClick events, and the React State hook. From there, you will move on to building a connect-4 clone, exploring intermediate concepts such as passing props, destructuring, passing arguments to click events, various styling methods, and handling callbacks. Additionally, you will learn about React key property, lifecycle events, and conditional rendering. Ultimately, you will build a complete multi and single-player connect-4 game board with built-in AI capabilities.

Building an E-commerce Site with React

The final section of the course explores the full power of React by guiding you in building a complete e-commerce site. You will learn how to create multiple product categories, implement a product showcase, add a shopping cart feature, and more. The section covers essential concepts like JSON server, Fetch API, and installing React router. You will also explore styled components, refactor the shop layout, and dive into the concept of “context” in React. Towards the end of the project, you will configure the shopping cart basket, implement a checkout feature, and add a product search functionality. The course also includes in-depth exercises on validating input forms in React.

About the Author

This course is co-authored by Tim Maclachlan, a senior full-stack developer with over 20 years of commercial development experience. Tim is highly experienced in algorithmic, analytical, and mobile development. He has written hundreds of applications and has worked in various industries, including commercial aviation, military, banking, and finance. As a passionate instructor, Tim looks forward to sharing his knowledge and helping students become better coders.

Enroll in this certification course now and embark on a comprehensive learning journey in HTML, CSS, and React. Whether you’re a beginner or have some coding experience, this course will equip you with the necessary skills to develop professional and visually stunning web pages.

Are you ready to take your coding skills to the next level? Enroll now!

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What you will learn :

1. HTML Foundations
2. The Structure of an HTML Web Page
3. HTML Body and Header Tags
4. HTML Text Formatting
5. HTML Unordered and Ordered Lists
6. Embedding Images, Video, and Media in HTML
7. Working with Tables and Nested Tables in HTML
8. Creating Web Forms with Input Fields, Select Menus, and Check Boxes
9. Working with Iframes in HTML
10. Building a Complete HTML Web Page
11. Foundations of CSS
12. Types of CSS Rules
13. Working with CSS ID and Class Selectors
14. Working with CSS Divisions (DIVs)
15. CSS Margins, Padding, Text Styling, and Backgrounds
16. CSS Display Properties, and Positioning
17. Styling Tables in CSS
18. Foundations of React
19. Introduction to React Tools for Building New Projects
20. Debugging React Projects
21. Building a Single and Multi-Player Connect-4 Clone Game with AI
22. Building a Fully Customized E-Commerce Site in React
23. Building a Fully Functional Calculator in React

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