How To Make Passive Income on Amazon KDP with Zero dollars

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What you will learn :

1. The Step by Step to Create KDP Books With No Budget On The World Leading Retailer and Distribution Giant, Amazon
2. How to Start a Succesful Online Book Selling Business Using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing From Any Location Around The World
3. Tested Strategies and Tools to Scale Your Low Content Paperback Self-Publishing Online Business to Supplement Income from Your 9 to 5 job.
4. Sell more Low content Paperback books than ever before! This course Will pay for itself!
5. How to Use Softwares to Scale your Paperbacks, and Generate Passive Income Everyday
6. Learn how to Spy on The Competition To Find Profitable Niches To Make a Lot of Sales
7. Improve Your Online Business Brand and Establish An Authority as a Respected Leader in Your Niche

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