HELM MasterClass: Kubernetes Packaging Manager

HELM MasterClass: Kubernetes Packaging Manager

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Course : HELM MasterClass: Kubernetes Packaging Manager

You will learn all the required topics below for HELM – The Package Manager for Kubernetes. Thousands of companies including Oracle, SalesForce, LinkedIn, and Dell use Helm to release and upgrade Kubernetes. From this course, you will –

Learn What and Why to use Helm as your Kubernetes packaging managerUse Helm commands to add repositories and use chartsDo releases to Kubernetes cluster using helm installUpgrade releases using helm upgradeLearn about release recordsUnderstand the helm release workflowUse advanced helm commandsUnderstand the helm release workflowUse advanced helm commandsLearn how to check to release history and do rollbacksDo atomic installations and forceful upgradesCreate your own chartsMaster the folder structure and files that make a chartPackage chartsDive deep into the helm-templating syntaxUse functions, conditional statements, loops, and moreAdd chart dependenciesRun chart testsHost and use chart repositoriesSecure your charts using signatures and hashesWork on a Usecase and deploy a Micro Service to Kubernetes using helm within minutesAll in easy steps

This course is for beginners who want to master Helm and use it as their project and for the experienced who want to get the fundamentals of Helm right. Adding Helm to your resume will not only increase the number of opportunities you will get but also the salary.

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What you will learn :

1. HELM package manager installation and configuration
2. HELM architecture and interaction with Kubernetes RBAC
3. Do atomic installations and forceful upgrades
4. Upgrade releases using HELM upgrade
5. Use functions, conditional statements, loops and more

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