HANDS ON Step By Step 3D CAD Modeling SOLIDWORKS Pro Course [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Alen Oletic

What you'll learn :

1. Learning sketching where are explained sketch tools (Line, Circle, Rectangle, Slot, Spline, Fillet, Chamfer, Mirror, Linear and circular sketch pattern …
2. Learning how to use those sketches to create a 3D model. All main tools for working with 3D model are explained
3. Learning how to use parts to create assembly. How to define relations between parts in assembly using mates
4. Learning how to create engineering drawings. Different drawing views. How to put dimensions. As well how to create Bill of Materials (BOM) table
5. Learning how to evaluate your model using Compare documents, Part reviewer, Measure, Symmetry check, Performance Evaluation…
6. Learning how to create photorealistic images and how to create animation videos
7. You’ll gain confidence to negotiate for bigger salary
8. You’ll learn to confidently design CAD models from the sketch to 3D even if you never open Solidworks before
9. You’ll be able to start your Solidworks CAD designer career and start making money
10. You’ll start to think like a CAD designer
11. You’ll be able to confidently list your SOLIDWORKS skills in your resume

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