Grokking Dynamic Programming Coding Interview Patterns

Md. A. Barik

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Welcome to this course – “Grokking Dynamic Programming Coding Interview Patterns”.

Do you feel up to speed with data structures and algorithms but frequently get stuck when solving dynamic programming problem?  The Grokking Dynamic Programming Coding Interview Patterns Course is now available for everyone, helping you to learn the critical Dynamic Programming Concepts and advance for competitive coding and interviews.

An effective algorithmic technique used in computer programming is called dynamic programming, and it is used to solve a class of problems with overlapping subproblems and optimal substructure properties.

Any problem’s solutions can be kept for later use if they can be broken down into smaller subproblems, which can then be broken down into even smaller subproblems, and if there is overlap between the subproblems. In this approach, utilising dynamic programming, algorithms can be enhanced and many issues can be optimised.

One of the most significant and potent algorithmic strategies that can be used to tackle a variety of computational problems is dynamic programming. It’s an essential skill to acquire to improve your algorithmic and problem-solving abilities.

But many students struggle to comprehend dynamic programming and use it to solve issues; if this describes you, then this course is perfect for you!

Are you struggling with DP Problem?

If you often struggle with dynamic programming problems despite your understanding of data structures and algorithms, this course is designed to bridge that gap. It provides a comprehensive understanding of critical Dynamic Programming concepts, empowering you to excel in competitive coding and interviews.

In addition to the mentioned problems, the “Dynamic Programming Algorithms” course covers several more essential dynamic programming problems. Through detailed explanations, code implementations, and step-by-step walkthroughs, you’ll gain a deep understanding of each problem’s solution.

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What you will learn :

1. Dynamic Programming Algorithms Pattern
2. Step by step approach to solve almost any dynamic programming problem
3. Two approaches of dynamic programming algorithms: memoization (top-down) and tabulation (bottom-up)
4. Develop strong understanding in dynamic programming
5. Be able to understand when to use Dynamic Programming
6. Practice most frequently asked dynamic programming questions

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