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Course : GMAT Verbal Reading Comprehension Prep | GMAT 760 Instructor

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If you are aiming for a target score of 760+ on the GMAT, mastering the Reading Comprehension (RC) section is crucial. It is the part of the Verbal Section that can make or break your chances of crossing the 700 mark!

They say, “Practice makes perfect,” but the truth is that only the right kind of practice leads to perfection. And that’s exactly what this course offers. We provide you with proven techniques and strategies that can help you truly master solving RC questions. By completing this course, you will be able to solve RC questions with a high level of accuracy and within the stipulated time.

Why is Mastering GMAT Verbal Reading Comprehension important?

Mastering GMAT Verbal Reading Comprehension can significantly improve your overall GMAT score. This section tests your ability to comprehend and analyze complex passages, which are similar to the kind you would encounter in business school and professional life. It assesses your understanding of main ideas, supporting details, author’s tone, logical structure, and more.

GMAT test-takers often struggle with the Reading Comprehension section due to its time constraints and intricate questions. However, with the right strategies and adequate practice, you can overcome these challenges and boost your performance.

Course Overview

In this comprehensive course, we start with the basics and focus on building a deep understanding of the techniques that will help you solve RC questions quickly with a high level of accuracy. We provide ample opportunities for practice to help you cement your learnings.

Section 1: Welcome! All about Methodology and Course Structure

In this introductory section, we set the stage for your success in mastering GMAT Verbal Reading Comprehension. We outline the course’s methodology and provide an overview of the course structure.

Section 2: TEAMS – The Most Important Principles

TEAMS stands for Time Management, Efficient Skimming, Active Reading, Mapping the Passage, and Strategic Answering. These principles are the foundation of our course and will guide you through the process of solving RC questions effectively.

Section 3: 6 Types of RC Questions

In this section, we explore the six main types of RC questions commonly found in the GMAT Verbal section. Understanding these question types will help you approach each question with a targeted strategy.

Section 4-13: GMAT Official Guide Passage Discussions

In these sections, we dive deep into discussions of passages from the GMAT Official Guide. We break down each passage, analyze the main ideas, identify key details, and provide step-by-step explanations for answering the associated questions.

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What you will learn :

1. Learn the method of Elimination to achieve a high level of accuracy in RC Questions
2. Understand how to attack RC questions on the GMAT
3. Be able to tackle RC questions and thus crack the GMAT verbal section
4. Make the Reading comprehension section your forte

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