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Welcome to the Free Udemy Coupon – Guitar for Beginners course!

My name is Filip Flego, I am a professional guitar player and teacher, and I will lead you through the process of learning guitar.

In this Free Udemy Coupon – Guitar for Beginners course, we will start from the absolute beginning, and we will cover basic chords, melodies, rhythms, and left and right-hand techniques. We will do all that using original songs composed specially for this course.

Why Choose The Free Udemy Coupon – Guitar for Beginners Course?

Now and then, there are warm-up and theory lessons. Warm-up lessons will help you develop different techniques, synchronize between left and right hand, and gain strength in the left hand. Theory lessons will help you to systemize all the knowledge that you will gain.

Each lesson video lasts for max. 5 minutes. I suggest you dedicate 15 to 30 minutes to each lesson. Make pauses and watch some parts twice if you need it.

My other suggestion is that you practice at least 5 days in a week.

What will you learn in the Free Udemy Coupon – Guitar for Beginners course?

Every lesson is structured this way (except warm-up lessons and theory lessons):

  1. I play the song
  2. Explanation step by step – here you are learning. Make pauses if you need or watch some parts twice.
  3. We play together – when you feel confident about your playing, here we do it together! 😉
  4. After each lesson, you will download the PDF file with notation, TABs, comments, and further explanations to better understand what you have just learned to play, as well as to learn how you can write and read music.


If you never touched a guitar before, and don’t know anything about music (but you would love to play guitar, and understand music), I designed this course for you. This is the right place to start. Make yourself a coffee, grab a guitar and let’s learn to play it the easy way! See you in your first lesson 🙂

List of knowledge and skills you will gain until the end of this Free Udemy Coupon – Guitar for Beginners course:

  1. Chords: C, D, Dmin, D7, E, Emin, E7, F, F#7, G, G7, A, Amin, Amin7, A7, Bmin, B7
  2. Scales:
    • Major: C, G, D, F
    • Minor: a, e, b, d
    • Harmonic minor: a, e, b, d
  3. Rhythms and meters: different rhythms in 4/4 and 3/4 meters
  4. Techniques:
    • LH (left hand): hammer-on, pull-off
    • RH (right hand): playing with fingers and with a pick, palm mute
  5. Warm-up exercises: for the left hand, for synchronization between LH and RH
  6. Reading easy sheet music:
    • Whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, notes with a dot
    • Tonalities C, G, D, F, a, e, b, d
    • Repetition signs, prima & seconda volta
    • Ritardando, fermata
  7. Music theory:
    • Construction of major, minor, and harmonic minor scale
    • Construction of chords (triads in major scale + 4-note chord on V degree)
    • Creation of simple bass lines using root and 5th
    • Degrees in the scale
    • Writing techniques (melodies): nota di volta, chromatic passing tone

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn guitar for free with this Free Udemy Coupon – Guitar for Beginners course. Enroll now and start your musical journey today!

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