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This course has been featured in the following publications:Mashable, New York Post, PCMag, The Hill, Neowin, Entrepreneur Magazine, Financial Post, PCWorld, Black Enterprise, AllHipHop Mag, Graham Media Group (KSAT, WJXT, ClickOrlando, Click2Houston).Matthew Rolnick (Course Co-Author/Instructor) is a Forbes Contributor and the author of “Find your YAY”. Since release, his book has quickly climbed to the top spot on Amazon in several business and marketing categories.

In this course you will learn:

How to Define an EntrepreneurThe Mindset Required To Succeed As An EntrepreneurThe Skills Needed to Succeed as An EntrepreneurHow To Choose Your Entrepreneurship Idea and Test It’s ViabilityHow To Get Started as An Entrepreneur and Go About Securing FundingWhat The Entrepreneurial Pitfalls You Should Look Out For AreAnd finally, we’ll provide Resources To Get You Started on your quest to succeed as an entrepreneur

Exclusive Interview with Matthew Rolnick

This course includes an exclusive interview session with a seasoned business veteran – Matthew Rolnick. Matthew is currently the VP of Sales at Yaymaker, and former Divisional Sales Manager at Groupon. His key accomplishments including generating over 10 million in sales at Groupon.YouAccel recently had the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive Q&A style interview with Matthew Rolnick. The interview was conducted as part of an initiative to add valuable new content to YouAccel’s line up of Entrepreneurship and Freelancing courses. Matthew Rolnick is currently the VP of sales at Yaymaker, a company devoted to enriching lives through exciting social experiences and live virtual events. To date, Yaymaker has hosted over 300,000 events including paint “nites”, cookie decorating, and wreath making. In the hour long session, Matthew Rolnick speaks about his experiences working for some of the biggest brands in North America, including Groupon and Tribune. Matthew’s list of business accomplishments made him the perfect candidate for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights from. In his role at Groupon, Matthew acted as the divisional sales manager in the Health & Wellness category. Matthew helped the company generate a staggering 10M in sales. Matthew and his wife also run a successful property investment company through their ownership stake in a HomeVestors franchise. The interview touches on several key aspects of the entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship journey that defined Matthews’s career path over the last several years. Through his detailed responses to difficult questions, the interview showcased the aptitude and wisdom Matthew has accumulated over his work life. Matthew provided a glimpse into his view of entrepreneurship, and many of the pitfalls new business owners should avoid. He also touches on the importance of consistency, and other imperative character traits that help ensure entrepreneurial success. Towards the end of the session Matthew takes on tough questions from students including tips on avoiding social isolation, and tackling uncomfortable situations. The Q&A session are an absolute must-see for anyone aspiring to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

YouAccel Training, Matthew Rolnick

What you'll learn :

1. What Is An Entrepreneur
2. The Mindset Required To Succeed As An Entrepreneur
3. The Skills Needed to Succeed as An Entrepreneur
4. How To Choose Your Entrepreneurship Idea and Test It´s Viability
5. How To Get Started as An Entrepreneur and Go About Securing Funding
6. What The Entrepreneurial Pitfalls You Should Look Out For Are
7. Resources To Get You Started on your quest to succeed as an entrepreneur

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