English Exam Grammar Tests: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, SAT, YDS

English exam grammar tests: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, SAT, YDS

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Course : Grammar Tests for English Exams: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, SAT, YDS


Welcome to our comprehensive course on English grammar tests! This course is designed for individuals seeking to improve their intermediate to advanced level English grammar skills. Developed by professional exam developer and item writer, Ulku Kucukakin, this course offers 628 practice questions to help you strengthen your grammar abilities for your language exams.

One of the highlights of this course is the emphasis on academic vocabulary. Each of the questions in the practice tests includes academic vocabulary items that you are likely to encounter in your exams. By familiarizing yourself with these vocabulary items, you not only enhance your grammar skills but also expand your overall language proficiency.

If you are ready to experience the quality of the questions offered in this course, continue reading!

Practice Test #1: Tenses

Let’s start with a sample question from the Tenses section:

1. The success story of Beetles cars _______ in 1947, and by 1972, the total number of Beetles cars in the market _______ 15 million.

  • A) was starting / is going to reach
  • B) had started / had been reaching
  • C) would start / reach
  • D) started / had reached
  • E) was going to start / was reaching

Answer: D

Practice Test #2: Gerunds & Infinitives / Modal Verbs

Let’s move on to the Gerunds & Infinitives / Modal Verbs section:

2. Young poets prefer _______ in literary magazines instead of publishing their own books since they _______ a name for themselves in literary circles this way.

  • A) being published / will have made
  • B) publishing / should make
  • C) to have published / make
  • D) to be published / can make
  • E) having published / are made

Answer: D

Practice Test #3: Gerunds & Infinitives

Let’s now explore the Gerunds & Infinitives section further:

3. The pattern _______ in winter has developed to allow Emperor penguins _______ to independence at a time when food is most plentiful.

  • A) of breeding / grow
  • B) breeding / to be grown
  • C) to breed / to grow
  • D) in breeding / grown
  • E) to have bred / growing

Answer: C

Practice Test #4: If Clauses

Let’s now test your knowledge on If Clauses:

4. If we _______ back in time to the American Civil War, a very different landscape _______ visible.

  • A) travel / will be
  • B) could travel / would be
  • C) can travel / is
  • D) had travelled / would have been
  • E) travelled / could have been

Answer: B

Practice Test #5: Noun Clauses

Next, let’s explore the Noun Clauses section:

5. The traveler was amazed by _______ there was a beautiful parrot in a golden cage in the caravanserai, continually repeating “Freedom!”

  • A) whether
  • B) that
  • C) where
  • D) why
  • E) the fact that

Answer: E

Practice Test #6: Linkers

Finally, let’s test your understanding of Linkers:

6. In the old days, potatoes, carrots, and turnips were very popular among people, _______ they could be stored all winter before the invention of refrigerators.

  • A) whereas
  • B) no matter
  • C) whenever
  • D) for
  • E) in contrast

Answer: D

By practicing these questions and reviewing the provided answers, you will develop a strong foundation in English grammar. Remember to utilize the academic vocabulary presented in the questions to enhance your language proficiency.

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Thank you for choosing our course! We wish you the best of luck in your language exams!

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