Digital Marketing Mastery: From Plan to Promotion

Digital Marketing Mastery: From Plan to Promotion

Gordon MacArdle

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Course : Digital Marketing Mastery: From Plan to Promotion

Welcome to ‘Modern Marketing Mastery: From Plan to Promotion’

Join Gordon, a seasoned marketing expert with 25 years of experience, in this comprehensive course designed to take you from the basics of marketing to executing successful campaigns. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, this course serves as your practical roadmap in the world of modern marketing.

Who Is This Course For?

Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to develop effective marketing plans.Beginners in marketing needing a step-by-step guide to start from scratch.Professionals wanting to enhance their marketing skills with practical, real-world strategies.

What You Will Learn:

Creating Customer Avatars: Learn to identify and understand your ideal customer.Developing Marketing Plans: Step-by-step guidance on crafting effective marketing strategies.Brand Awareness Campaigns: Techniques to boost your brand’s visibility and reach.Sales Campaign Creation: Tips on building campaigns that convert and sell.Applying Learning: Practical examples and exercises to apply your new knowledge immediately.

What We Will Discover Together:

Collaborative Customer Avatar Creation: Together, we’ll dive into the process of identifying and understanding your ideal customer. This exploration isn’t just about theories; it’s a hands-on experience where we’ll create customer avatars based on real-world scenarios in a very easy way.

Joint Development of Marketing Plans: We’ll step into the world of marketing strategy development. This segment involves  crafting marketing plans, where we’ll provide ideas, critique, and refine our strategies.

Creating Impactful Brand Awareness Campaigns: Let’s explore the art of increasing your brand’s visibility together. We’ll examine successful campaigns, discuss various techniques, and provide ideas for creating impactful brand awareness strategies that resonate in today’s market.

Sales Campaign Workshop: Building effective sales campaigns is a skill we’ll develop. We’ll look at examples of a campaign, dissecting what works and why. Then, we’ll apply these insights to create our own sales campaigns.

Applying Our Learning in Real-Time: Our journey includes practical application of the concepts we learn. We’ll engage in exercises and real-life examples, ensuring that you can immediately apply your newfound knowledge and skills in your own context. This hands-on approach aims to solidify your learning and boost your confidence in marketing and selling.

Course Structure:

Duration: 3 hoursModules: 6 Modules, each offering actionable insights and strategies.Interactive Examples: Hands-on examples to apply concepts in real-time.

Meet Your Instructor:

Gordon: With 25 years of experience in crafting successful marketing campaigns, Gordon is a master of modern marketing techniques. He brings his wealth of knowledge to this course, making complex concepts accessible to all.

Why Choose This Course?

Practical Playbook: Designed as a comprehensive guide, even for beginners that takes you step by step through the process. Real-World Application: Learn and apply concepts through practical examples.Expert Insights: Gain from Gordon’s extensive experience in various marketing facets.

Enroll Now! Join ‘Modern Marketing Mastery: From Plan to Promotion’ and embark on your journey to becoming a marketing expert. Let this course be your companion in creating a successful marketing strategy for your business.

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What you will learn :

1. Know how to create an Ideal Customer Persona for their business
2. Have clear Brand Messaging
3. Be able to Implement Campaigns for Brand Awareness and Sales Promotion
4. Have in place a Marketing Playbook for their business

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