Digital Marketing B2B Ultimate Digital Marketing Course 2023 [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

ATTENTION B2B DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE UDEMY STUDENTS: Learn the strategies and nitty-gritty tactical details of acquiring business customers cheaply and quickly through digital marketing and modern social media marketing. Get digital training from a former VP of Marketing of a Google accelerator startup who taught a college-level digital marketing course.

Your instructor was also a Global Marketing Manager at Sony PlayStation, VP of Marketing for a Google accelerator startup, the head of marketing for a Series-A startup, and a Product Marketing Manager for a Google-backed Series-D startup in Silicon Valley. He has an MBA from Philip Kotler’s Kellogg School of Management, the #1 marketing school in the USA, where he studied both digital marketing and B2B marketing. This is the ultimate B2B digital marketing course Udemy. For the past 13 years I’ve worked with countless early, mid-stage, and large companies with their digital B2B digital marketing.

The primary benefit of this course is learning how to acquire customers cost-effectively. But in the process of teaching you demand generation, you’re also going to learn a lot about B2B digital marketing strategies and high-level, long-term planning and digital brand-building.

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Key Udemy digital marketing course 2023 topics:

Advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit, Spotify, Twitter, Amazon & moreDemand generation & lead generation planning across various outbound and inbound channelsBasic and advanced LinkedIn digital marketing with real examples of campaigns I ran (as well as other social media marketing channels including Facebook digital marketing and Twitter)Cold email digital marketing and execution with real examples of manual and digital marketing automated campaignsB2B copywriting using my SPF framework and marketing psychology fundamentalsAccount based digital marketing (ABM) with execution detailsB2B conversion rate optimization (CRO)B2B digital marketing content creation using real examples and case studies

This course is for anyone involved in B2B digital marketing, including freelancers, agencies, copywriters, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers and executives at companies large and small.

Let’s get started!P.S., You’re welcome to ask me your toughest B2B digital marketing questions! I like a good challenge.

Learn from a master strategist and tactician without paying hefty consulting fees. This is one of the best Udemy digital market courses.

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Dekker Fraser, MBA, Jyra Galosmo

What you'll learn :

1. Digital Marketing
2. B2B Digital Marketing
3. B2B Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Lead Generation
6. Customer Acquisition
7. Account Based Marketing
8. B2B Copywriting
9. B2B Content Creation
10. B2B Conversion Rate Optimization

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