Data Visualization using Matplotlib & Plotly(Python Library) [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Currently, Data Visualizations is a very important tool that deals with the graphical representation of the data. It is a very effective way of communication in decision making, advertisement, data analysis, Machine Learning and Data Science. And some of the python libraries like matplotlib and plotly are very popular for data visualization. Also, it is very important to get the knowledge that, what kind of graphs or charts we use to represent the data. After completing this course, you can able to design different types of graphs and charts very easily.

Important Feature of this course is as follows:

Here we cover 2D as well as 3D Graphs and Charts.This course can be done by Business and Managements people alsoEvery topic is covered practically.Explained in very easy language.Non-Programming background can also understand easily.Each Graph and Chart is demonstrated in a simple way so that you can do the same by watching videos.

Topics Covered in Matplotlib:

1. Importance of Data Visualization

2. Type of Data Visualization

3. Concepts of matplotlib Library

4. Line Plotting

5. Histogram

6. Bar Plot

7. Scatter Plot

8. Pie Chart

9. Box Plot

10. Area Chart

11. Violene Chart

Topics Covered in Plotly :

Setup the environment for plotlyLine Plotting (2D and 3D)HistogramBar PlotScatter PlotPie ChartBox PlotArea ChartViolene Chart

Rakesh Roshan

What you'll learn :

1. Data Visualization using Matplotlib
2. Data Visualization using Plotly
3. Plotting Histogram, Bargraph, Scatter Plot, Boxplot, Pie Chart , Box plot, Violin Plot and many More
4. Plotting 3D Graphs and Chart using Plotly
5. Plotting Graphs and Charts by importing data

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