Data Structures & Algorithms in Java – Ace Coding interviews

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In this course we will dive deep into data structures and algorithms and learn how to do they work, how to implement them in Java and how to use them for implementing and optimizing your application. we will also learn how to calculate time complexity and space complexity and how to decide which data structure or algorithm should be used for solving a specific problem.

We will also solve coding challenges from Leetcode to reinforce the data structures and algorithms knowledge and to explain how they can be used for solving coding problems efficiently.

Data structures and algorithms are two of the most important aspects of computer science, learning data structures and algorithms will help you become a better programmer, write more efficient code and solve problems quicker, that’s why Tech companies focus on data structures and algorithms in the technical interviews.

Throughout this course we will cover everything you need to master data structures and algorithms, including:

Big O notation (time complexity and space complexity)ArraysLinked listsStacksHeapsQueuesHashmapsTriesTrees (and tree traversal algorithms)GraphsBreadth first search and depth first searchLinear searchBinary searchBubble sortQuick sortSelection sortInsertion sortMerge sortRecursion

I am confident that you will like this course and that you will be a different programmer once you finish it, join me in this course and master data structures and algorithms!

What you'll learn :

1. Understand, implement and use different types of data structures
2. Be able to decide which data structure can be used for solving a problem or optimising an application
3. Understand, implement and use different algorithms
4. How to solve coding problems in technical interviews
5. How to calculate space and time complexities for your code

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