Complete Data Science Diploma with R Programming 2023

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Course : Data Science: R Programming Complete Diploma 2023

Introduction to Data Science: R Programming

Welcome to the exciting world of the R programming language!

# Data Science: R Programming Complete Diploma 2023

R is one of the most powerful programming languages for statistical computing and graphical presentation to analyze and visualize data.

In this course, Free Udemy Coupon, Data Science R Programming will be emphasized to provide you with valuable insights and knowledge in the field of data science.

Throughout this course, we will cover various aspects of the R programming language, starting from the basics and progressing towards more advanced concepts.

Course Overview

This comprehensive course aims to equip you with the necessary skills to effectively code with R and apply it to data analysis and visualization.

With theoretical explanations and practical examples, we will guide you step by step through each topic and tool.

Course Content

Throughout the course, we will cover the following essential topics:

1. R Working Tools and Environment

Learn about the tools and environment used by professionals in the field of data science.

2. R Syntax and Code Explanation

Understand the syntax of the R programming language and how to effectively explain and describe code using comments.

3. Variables, Values, and Assignments

Explore the concept of variables, values, and assignments in R, which are fundamental for data manipulation and analysis.

4. Data Types in R

Learn about the various data types available in R and how to work with them.

5. Mathematical Operations and Built-in Functions

Discover different mathematical operations and useful built-in functions for performing mathematical calculations.

6. Working with Characters and Strings

Gain insights into working with collections of characters and strings in R.

7. Logical Values and Booleans

Understand the concept of logical values and Booleans in R.

8. Operators in R

Learn about the different types of operators in R and how they can be used for variable and value operations.

9. Data Structures in R

Explore the various data structures in R, such as vectors, lists, matrices, data frames, and factors. Understand their functionality and how to work with them.

10. Conditional Statements

Master the concept of conditional statements in R for decision making.

11. Loops and Iteration

Learn how to repeat blocks of code and iterate over collections using loops in R.

12. Functional Programming and Code Reusing

Discover the concept of functional programming and how it allows for code reusing in R.

13. Statistics and Data Analysis

Understand important statistical concepts and gain knowledge on available datasets, functions, techniques, and tools for statistical operations in R.

14. Graphics and Data Visualizations

Learn the art of data visualization in R. Explore techniques for drawing points, line plotting, pie charts, bar charts, histograms, and more.

Why Choose R for Data Science?

R is a free, open-source programming language that is widely used by professional statisticians and data scientists.

With its powerful capabilities, R empowers users to perform complex data analysis and create visually appealing graphs and charts.

It is particularly popular in the field of bioinformatics and is extensively used for biological data analysis.

Moreover, R is a dynamically typed interpreted language, making it easy and efficient to use interactively.

It offers a vast array of built-in functions and libraries and provides extension possibilities, allowing users to define their own functions and procedures using R, C, or Fortran.

R also has a simple object system, which adds to its versatility and power.

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What you will learn :

1. The R working tools and environment for professionals
2. The R syntax and how to explain and describe the code using comments
3. Variables, Values and assignments
4. All the Data types available in R
5. Performing mathematical operations, type conversion built-in functions and many useful built-in functions for math operations
6. Working with collection of characters and strings in R, also essential character operations
7. Logical values and booleans
8. Handling different operations on variables and values by using different types of operators
9. All the Data Structures in R such as vectors, lists, matrices, data frames and factors. And also all the essential operations for these data structures
10. Decision making by using conditional statements in R
11. Repeat block of code and iterate over collections with loops
12. Functional programming and code reusing
13. Statistics and data analysis concepts: datasets, many built-in functions, techniques and tools for statistical operations
14. Data visualizations and Graphics in R: drawing points, line plotting, pie charts, bar charts, histograms and more
15. Get the instructor QA Support

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