Create Your Own Professional Quality Affirmations At Home

Gabriel Castillo

Last Updated on August 15, 2022 by GeeksGod

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What you will learn :

1. What affirmations are & how to use them
2. How to record affirmations
3. Equipment & software needed to create professional quality affirmations
4. How to use all the tools in ‘real time’ by following along with us
5. Basic recording at home for studio sound
6. Basic sound editing
7. Basic mixing of audios
8. Create different types of high quality recorded affirmations
9. A secret mindfulness tool!
10. A creative skill to add more revenue to your holistic practice
11. Use this same process to create voiceover & guided meditations!
12. How to create affirmations from scratch
13. How to use affirmations to help in personal development
14. How to heal holistically with affirmations
15. How to make affirmations and provide it as safe modality for yourself and others
16. How to remove subconscious blockages with your affirmations

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