Create Quiz using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JQuery


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Note: This course in Hindi Language

In this course you will learn to create Quiz with Lifeline 50-50 using Very Basic HTML, Very Basic CSS , Bootstrap 5 and Jquery, In this course i wont be covering very basics (by very basics I mean I wont be explaining what is html, what is css ,bootstrap, jquery etc) though I will try to explain how the code works as much possible. we will create a MCQ style quiz which starts by asking the players name and then displays that player name on the quiz, if the user doesn’t complete the quiz on time the quiz will end automatically but the user can restart the quiz using restart quiz button if the user selects the wrong option then it will display wrong option in red color as well as show the correct answer in green color


Create a quiz that asks for the Name of the Player, the quiz should have a timer of your choice as shown in the course, It should display question and four options, on clicking the right answer background of that option should become green and for wrong option red, as well as should add one point for right answer additionally you can try your creativity to create your version of amazing Quiz

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What you will learn :

1. Creating Quiz using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap5 and JQuery
2. MCQ style questions with display of right answer on click of wrong Answers
3. Quiz with Timer
4. 50-50 Lifeline

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