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Ing. Tomas Moravek, SEO, Facebook Ads & Digital Marketing Academy

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Course : Complete Video Creation, YouTube Marketing & ChatGPT Course

The call of the lens and the allure of the screen—where creativity meets commerce in a dance as old as storytelling itself. Are you ready to be the maestro of this dance? To orchestrate a symphony of visuals, sounds, and emotions that not only captivates but converts? Welcome to a course that is more than a course—it’s your gateway to a life less ordinary.

Picture this: A single video, crafted with the finesse of a filmmaker and the savvy of a marketer, becomes your golden ticket. It’s a magnet that pulls in customers, a spectacle that turns viewers into followers, and a message that climbs the search ranks of Google and YouTube. This isn’t just video production; this is your life’s production.

Join a cadre of creators who aren’t just making content; they’re making history. With our reimagined

Complete Video Production & YouTube Marketing Course

, you’re not just learning—you’re evolving. Here’s a glimpse of your transformative journey:

Ignite Your Imagination: Animated videos aren’t just watched; they’re felt. Learn to create animations that make hearts skip beats.

ChatGPT: Your Creative Co-Pilot: Uncover the secrets of using ChatGPT to write scripts that don’t just talk but speak—to the soul, across platforms from YouTube to TikTok.

ChatGPT Plus: Your Creative Arsenal: Plugins that don’t just analyze but strategize, turning you from a content creator into a content kingpin.

Rule the YouTube Kingdom: It’s not about being on YouTube; it’s about being found. Master the alchemy of YouTube SEO.

The Art of the Irresistible: Content that doesn’t just attract eyes—it wins hearts. Learn the craft of creating videos that build communities.

Animate Your World: Toonly and Adobe After Effects become your wands, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Premiere Like a Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials that turn you from an editor into a film magician.

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What you will learn :

1. Learn the art of Video Creation with professional input from an industry insider who’s produced content for household names like Pepsi
2. Upskill Yourself and learn how to create, professional quality engaging video content – the Most In-Demand skill wanted by recruiters today!
3. Learn How to Rank Higher on YouTube. Learn Video SEO & Learn Youtube SEO, so you can Optimise your Youtube channel for better video SEO performance.
4. Learn the crucial importance of Facebook’s 3 new metrics and find out why optimising your content for success, and knowing how to Target and Re-target is a Must
5. Discover the 6 Steps to Shooting Professional Quality Cinematic Video and gain a valuable new skill that you can Continually Profit from
6. Learn the importance of the customer journey, the number 1 reason so many people fail on social – avoid most common mistake & Achieve Many More Conversions
7. Shoot stunning ariel videos from the sky using Drone and Go Niche as a pro drone video creator. Create Content That Generates Clicks, And Shares.
8. Get Powerful Video Editing Guides & extra Video Editing Super-hacks to create professional looking, highly shareable videos
9. Handy Walkthroughs to Adobe Premier Pro, DJI Osmo, and Rode microphone to help you produce smooth, and crystal clear Video content Only With Your Smartphone!
10. Learn how to create impactful Facebook Video Ads that Consistently Attract Customer Interest and discover how to choose the right type of Facebook Video Ad.
11. Find out how to Benefit From Traffic Ads with a Video Creation Toolkit that will Push Continual Streams of Traffic to your website
12. Understand why Engagement and video views are Vital if you want to Boost your brand’s Facebook and Instagram presence
13. Learn how to create the type of content Facebook ranks highly to Achieve Maximum Reach and engagement from your Facebook Video Ads & Facebook Video Marketing
14. Copy Winning Strategies from our most successful Facebook Video Marketing campaigns – follow the blueprints we’ll show you to Reap Huge Profits

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