Complete SQL & Relational Database Management System

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In this course, you will learn about Relational Database Management systems and Structured Query Language (SQL)

You will learn about the Relational Database Management system:

Introduction to Relational DatabasesInformation and Data ModelsTypes of RelationshipsMapping Entities to tablesAdvanced relational model constraintsWhat is Primary KeyWhat is Foreign keyWhat is Entity, Attributes

´Data Definition Language(DDL) & Data Manipulation Language (DML)

Types of SQL statementsWhat is DDL (Data Definition Language)What is DML (Data Manipulation Language)How to get started with Database – install and set up Microsoft SQL Server Management studioHow to create a table in a Microsoft SQL server with CREATE TABLE commandHow to insert data in a table in a Microsoft SQL server with INSERT INTO statementHow to retrieve data from a table  with a SELECT statement

Advanced DDL & DML statements :

How to use string pattern, range of values and set in the SELECT statementhow to sort data with ORDER BY statementhow to group by data with GROUP BY clausehow to use GROUP BY HAVING clause

Working with multiple tables

How to use different tablesunderstand the use of Primary key and foreign keyunderstand Different types of Joins:Inner JoinsLeft Outer JoinRight Outer joinFull outer join

All these topics you will learn with theoretical concepts along with hands-on practices.

By end of the course, you gain :

Understand RDBMS conceptslearn to execute different SQL statements in Microsoft SQL server studiolearn to work with any database tool.

What you'll learn :

1. Get an understanding of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
2. Understand Different terminology of RDBMS
3. Learn about SQL statements and its types(DDL and DML statements)
4. Learn to CREATE Table in Microsoft SQL Server
5. Understand how to INSERT data in a table
6. How to use SELECT statement to retrieve data and making use of its effectively
7. Understand how to UPDATE and DELETE data in a table

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