Complete Microsoft SQL and Database Design Masterclass [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Trevoir Williams, Learn IT University, Andrii Piatakha

What you'll learn :

1. Basic Database Design (Tables, Columns, Data Types, Primary Keys, Normalization)
2. Using Microsoft SQL Management Studio
3. SELECT Statements: Queries against single tables (Filtering, Ordering, Grouping)
4. DELETE: How to remove data from a database
5. INSERT INTO: How to insert data into a table
6. UPDATE: How to update existing data
7. Filter groups of data using the HAVING clause
8. Overall Database Development Best Practices
9. Creating Relationships and Foreign Keys
10. How to query related data from multiple tables
11. Using Aggregate Functions in SQL
12. How to export Query Results to Excel
13. How to craft SQL statements based on real scenarios
14. Create Complex Database Objects (Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Triggers)
15. Backup and Restore Databases
16. Generate Database Scripts for Automation
17. How to manage database users and security

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