Complete Digital Marketing Course for Local Businesses 2023 [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Ing. Tomas Moravek | Facebook Ads Expert, SEO, Facebook Ads & Digital Marketing Academy, Hazel Owens, Beck Robertson

What you'll learn :

1. Win at Local Digital Marketing – Reel in Perfect Customers and Beat the Competition in Your Area With Techniques From an Award-winning Facebook Ad Strategist.
2. Complete Digital Marketing Guide for Local Business – Get Found by People in Your Area, with Smart Online Techniques that Put You at the Top of Search Results.
3. Local SEO & Google My Business – the Insider Knowledge You Need to Know to Reach More Customers in Your Area – Using the Power of Facebook, Google, and the Web.
4. Comprehensive Guide to SEO – Learn the Modern SEO Including On-page SEO, Keywords, Technical Seo, Link Building & How to Use the Google Search Console.
5. Walkthrough Guide to Mobile SEO & Voice Search – Use the Power of Mobile and Voice Search to Update Your Marketing Techniques & Create a Cutting-edge Approach.
6. Pro-level Content Marketing Techniques– Market All Your Content and Blogs and Get Your Website Visitors to Engage.
7. Walkthrough Website Creation Tutorial – Learn How to Create a Pro-looking Website in Minutes – for Free – Using Just Your Smartphone!
8. Master Guide to Copywriting – Create Content that Drives Conversions Like a Pro with These Power Tips and Techniques.
9. Facebook Ads Power Guide – Everything You Need to Choose and Use the Right Facebook Ad to Achieve Your Aims – Powerful Techniques that Are Constantly Updated.
10. Learn From Your Rivals with Facebook Ads Analysis – Discover What the Competition is Doing Right and Use the Same Techniques to Benefit Your Brand.
11. Take Control of Your Online Reputation – Use Facebook, Your Blog, and Your Website to Build a Positive Presence that Encourage Customers to Purchase.
12. Complete Guide to Facebook Business Manager – Learn How to Use this Comprehensive Tool to Organise and Analyse Your Digital Marketing and Facebook Ads.
13. Save Money With Facebook Ads Objectives – Slash Your Budget by Defining Your Goals and Hone Your Marketing and Facebook Ads to Reach Them.
14. Easy Walkthrough to Setting Up the Facebook Pixel – Avoid the Most Common Mistakes People Make and Expand Your Marketing Power with this Essential Tool.
15. Use Facebook Pixel Events to Supercharge Your Marketing – Streamline Your Sales and Save Time.
16. Master Guide to Facebook Reach Ads (Local Ads) – Take Advantage of Your Territory with These Effective Techniques to Find Local Customers.
17. Facebook Traffic Ads Essential Guide – What You Need to Know to Rocket Boost Your Traffic and Push Unlimited Streams of Traffic to Your Website.
18. 24/7 Marketing With Facebook Messenger Ads & Chatbots –use the Power of Messenger & Chatbots to Smartly Automate Your Marketing.
19. Effective Newsletter & Email Marketing Strategies – Send Mailouts that Get Opened and Create Content that Retains Subscribers and Achieves Your Objectives.
20. Powerful Press Release & Branding Techniques – Hone Your Approach so the Right People To Sit Up And Take Notice Of Your Brand.
21. Professional Video Production Guide – Produce High Level Video Content that Attracts 1000’s of Views, Subscribes, & Shares.
22. Niche Proven & Tested Knowledge that Will Turn You Into a Local Marketing Pro – this is the Only Local Digital Marketing Course Currently on the Market!

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