Certified Kubernetes Administrator Ultimate Masterclass 2023 [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

This course will cover everything that you need in order to pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam.

It is specifically created to supplement your existing knowledge of Kubernetes and to deal with passing the exam.

This is not a beginner’s course and expect you to know about basics of Kubernetes and have some existing hands-on experience with Kubernetes.

Contains Tips, Tricks and Exam Strategy

Last Minute Preparation Guide

How to setup your local environment and Exam setup on the exam day

Time Management, Planning and Navigation through the questions

Hacks, Quick Lookups on the Questions being asked

All the important topics covered when appearing for these exams

Topic by Topic Demo of the important potential questions

Straight to the point

Efficient and effective use of your time

Documentation Walkthrough

Advice on passing the exam on the second attempt if not pass on the first attempt

Since both the exam overlap with each other on some topics and exam pattern so better use of your time in learning that through a single course

Most of the exercises can be performed via minikube on local machine

Only the Installation, Upgrade and ETCD backup requires you to create some infrastructure onto the cloud

Explanation on how to tackle every question one by one

Going to the exam with the right mindset.

What you'll learn :

1. Exam Strategy to Pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator
2. VIM Tips, Shell Tips, Lookup Help and Documentation
3. Tips and Tricks to solve each question
4. Time Management, Organization and Planning for Exam
5. Scenario Based Questions

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