Build Windows Apps with C# – Easy UI Creation using Windows Forms

Easy UI Creation using Windows Forms with C#

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Course : Quick C# by Windows Forms – Create Windows Apps, SQL in C#

Learn C# with Windows Apps | Free Udemy Coupon

Learn C# with Windows Apps

Hi There!

Do you want to learn the programming language C# deeply and easily?

Have you ever thought of learning C# via projects?

Are you a student or a C# lover looking to learn C# through windows forms?

Here I am to show you how to learn C# easily and quickly through various projects.

In this course, you will learn:

Course Overview

  • 3 Courses in One + 17 Hours + 7 live Projects
  • Create Windows Apps using C#
  • Basics of C# such as variables, for loop structure, if statement, controls and events
  • Using resources in C#
  • Debugging the codes
  • Create a calculator application
  • Design a student info application
  • Build a Weather forecasting application for windows
  • Creating multi-form projects
  • Working with controls like Button, TextBox, ComboBox, DateTime picker
  • Create a digital clock
  • Working with date and time
  • Create a calendar
  • Advanced usage of ComboBox
  • Working with images
  • Dialogs in C#
  • Creating methods in C#
  • Designing a windows app in C# and SQL Server
  • Export data to Excel file
  • Create a weather forecasting app
  • Create a report in PDF file

Don’t hesitate to start learning C# through up to 7 different projects with many tips and tricks!

In this course, you are going to learn C# deeply and easily with the best method.

Get the most out of your C# learning experience by enrolling in this course now!

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What you will learn :

1. 3 Courses in One + 17 Hours – Learn with Projects , Beginners to Advance
2. Build 7 pro apps: Calculator , Digital clock, Student info, Excel, PDF, weather forecasting,…
3. Easily learn the basics of C# to advance topics by Windows form
4. Create pro application by SQL in C#
5. Export data to Excel file
6. Learn: Dialogs, Variables,Controls, Debug, Events
7. Working with resources and settings
8. Date and time – Calendar
9. Design report by PDF
10. Show weather and forcasting

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