Create a Basic Calculator Using React and JavaScript

Basic calculator made with React and JavaScript

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Course : Build a Simple Calculator in React + JavaScript Foundations

Build a Fully Functional Calculator in React with Free Udemy Coupon and Calculator

In this comprehensive course, we will guide you step by step through the process of building a fully functional calculator in React. React, also known as React JS, is a powerful JavaScript library used for building custom, interactive user interfaces using UI components.

Why Choose React?

React has gained immense popularity in the web development industry due to its efficiency and performance. It is widely used by renowned organizations such as Netflix, Facebook, and Airbnb for their front-end development. Developed and maintained by Meta along with a community of independent developers, React remains free and open-source.

The Power of React Components

React is a component-based library that is entirely built on JavaScript. This makes it perfect for designing complex user interfaces. With React, developers can build encapsulated components that efficiently manage their own state and render UI updates specifically when data changes.

For example, think of the automated content refresh feature you see on a Twitter feed or Facebook like button. The state of the UI component changes on the page without having to manually refresh when the data is updated. This is just one small yet powerful feature of React.

Hands-On Project

This course will take you through a complete hands-on project, teaching you all the fundamental principles of React that you must know to become a proficient React developer. We start right from the basics, including the tools needed to get started.

From there, we dive into JSX, functional components, props, callbacks, and various OnClick events. By this stage, the calculator will have a complete visual display, coupled with functional arithmetic operations.

Students will then move on to passing parameters in callback functions, using the React State Hook, and debugging. We ensure that you gain a strong foundation in React through practical examples and exercises.

Comprehensive Overview of JavaScript

In addition to the hands-on React module, we also offer a comprehensive overview of JavaScript for those who need a refresher. JavaScript plays a vital role in web development, and it is crucial to have a good understanding of its principles.

We start with introducing students to the Document Object Model (DOM), which defines the logical structure of HTML documents. This enables us to demonstrate various methods in which DOM elements can be manipulated to add interactivity to static components.

We cover JavaScript basics such as variable declaration, arithmetic operations, operator precedence, data types, and objects. Once the foundations are covered, we move on to more complex operations using arrays, conditional statements, comparison operators, booleans, and loops.

Functions and JavaScript events are also extensively covered in this course. Functions are used to efficiently handle repetitive tasks, while JavaScript events help handle output based on user actions and occurrences.

To reinforce your learning, we conclude this section with a hands-on project. Students will implement their knowledge to build a web-based photo gallery and background color changer using JavaScript.

About the Instructor

This course is designed and instructed by Tim Maclachlan – a renowned senior full-stack developer with over 20 years of commercial development experience. Tim specializes in algorithmic, analytical, and mobile development. Throughout his career, he has written hundreds of applications and worked in various industries from commercial aviation, military to banking, and finance.

Tim has a genuine passion for teaching others how to become better coders and looks forward to interacting with his students.

In conclusion, this comprehensive course will equip you with the necessary skills to build a fully functional calculator in React. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate developer, this course will enhance your React knowledge and improve your overall proficiency. Enroll now and let’s get started on your React journey!

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What you will learn :

1. The purpose of ReactJS
2. Building a Simple React Web Page
3. The Tools Needed to work with React
4. Introduction to Codepen
5. Introduction to JSX, Functional Components, and React Props
6. Foundations of Callbacks, and OnClick Events
7. The React State Hook
8. Building the Calculator
9. Debugging in React
10. Document Object Model (DOM)
11. JavaScript Arithmetic Operators, Data Types, Arrays, Loops, Events
12. JavaScript Variables, Operator Precedence, Objects, Functions
13. JavaScript Foundations

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