Beginner’s R Programming Bootcamp 2023

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Surendra Varma Pericherla

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Course : 2023 R Programming Bootcamp for Absolute Beginners

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So, you’ve decided that you want to learn R or you want to get familiar with it, but don’t know where to start? Or are you a data/business analyst or data scientist that wants to have a smooth transition into R programming?

Then, this R Programming Bootcamp course was designed just for Absolute Beginners in R!!

This course was designed to be your first step into the R programming world! We will delve deeper into the concepts of R objects, understand the R user interface and play around with several datasets. This course contains lectures around the following groups:

1. Basics of R

Get a solid foundation in R programming language. Learn about variables, data types, operators, and basic syntax.

2. Control Statements in R

Master control flow in R with if statements, for loops, while loops, and switch statements.

3. Functions in R

Learn how to create and use functions in R to make your code more modular and reusable.

4. Data Structures in R

Understand the different data structures in R such as vectors, arrays, matrices, and lists. Manipulate and analyze data using these structures.

5. Plotting Graphs in R

Create visualizations with R using various plotting techniques. Learn how to plot line graphs and histograms to analyze data effectively.

6. Assignments in R

Sharpen your skills by completing coding assignments that challenge you to apply what you’ve learned in practical scenarios.

This course was designed to be focused on the practical side of coding in R – instead of teaching you every function and method out there, I’ll show you how you can read questions and examples and get to the answer by yourself, compounding your knowledge on the different R objects.

At the end of the course, thanks to the Free Udemy Coupon, you should be able to use R to analyze your own datasets. Along the way, you will also learn what R vectors, arrays, matrices, and lists are and how you can combine the knowledge of those objects to power up your analysis.

Here are some examples of things you will be able to do after finishing the course:

  • Do interesting line plots that enable you to draw conclusions from data.
  • Plot histograms of numerical data.
  • Create your own functions that will enable you to reutilize code.

Join thousands of professionals and students in this R journey and discover the amazing power of this statistical open-source language. This course will be constantly updated based on the student’s feedback.

Enroll in the R Programming Bootcamp now and kickstart your journey to becoming an R expert!

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What you will learn :

1. Basics of R Programming
2. Data Structures in R
3. Create your own functions that will enable you to reutilize code.
4. Do interesting graph plotting

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