AutoCAD 3D for Civil & Architectural Design

AutoCAD 3D for Civil & Architectural Design

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Course : AutoCAD 3D | AutoCAD Civil & Architectural

Learn AutoCAD 3D with Free Udemy Coupon

If you’re looking to acquire a new skill, consider learning AutoCAD 3D with the help of Free Udemy Coupon. AutoCAD, developed by Autodesk, is widely regarded as one of the most prominent products used worldwide for engineering design work. It finds applications in various engineering disciplines, including Civil, Mechanical, Architecture, Electrical, and Electronics. While this AutoCAD course focuses on AutoCAD Civil and Architectural disciplines, it doesn’t cover AutoCAD 2D extensively. Therefore, prior knowledge of AutoCAD 2D commands is assumed.

Why Learn AutoCAD 3D?

AutoCAD 3D is a dedicated workspace for any 3D work in AutoCAD. By mastering this skill, you can unlock numerous opportunities in the engineering and architecture fields. This course will take you through the ‘3D Modelling Workspace Interface’ and cover every 3D command that will be used in the project. Upon gaining expertise in using AutoCAD 3D commands, you will begin working on a project to create a complete 3 BHK ground+1 story 3D House Elevation. The course will also teach you how to create doors, windows, stairs, and more to develop a fully functional house. Additionally, you will learn about Autodesk Material Library and how to use custom materials and textures. The course will even demonstrate how to create attractive and realistic render images in AutoCAD.

Course Details

This AutoCAD 3D course consists of 7 video tutorials, with a total length of 5 hours. It assumes that you already possess basic knowledge of AutoCAD 2D and now wish to broaden your skills with AutoCAD 3D. While the course is designed in AutoCAD 2017, it can be easily adapted to any older or latest version of AutoCAD.

What’s Included?

Upon enrolling in this course, you will have access to resource files that can be downloaded and utilized during the training. To truly benefit from this course, it is strongly recommended that you go through all the videos without skipping any. Doing so will ensure that you fully comprehend the material and obtain the desired outcome.

Why Choose This AutoCAD 3D Course?

Before committing to this course, take the time to review the topic titles and descriptions. Additionally, we have provided a sufficient length of free preview videos to help you determine if this course aligns with your expectations. Only join the course if you believe it meets your needs and requirements.

Enroll Now and Learn AutoCAD 3D at Your Own Pace

If you are fully satisfied with what this course has to offer, click the ‘Enroll Now’ button and embark on your AutoCAD 3D training journey. Happy Learning!

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What you will learn :

1. AutoCAD 3D Commands
2. To Create 3D Elevation of 3 BHK House
3. To Create Custom Doors & Windows
4. AutoCAD Material Library
5. Applying Custom Materials & Textures
6. Creating Render Images

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