Angular Material: Ultimate Masterclass With Angular 9 (2020) [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

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What you'll learn :

• You will learn the ins and outs of TypeScript even if you have never used it before
• Types, Functions, Arrays & Tuples in TS
• Unions, Interfaces, Classes & Inheritance in TS
• Advanced TypeScript Concepts in order to understand Angular 9 better
• You are going to learn the basics of Angular 9 from setting up your first app to building a working application using public APIs
• Components, Data Bindings, Attributes & more
• Class, Style & Event Bindings in Angular 9
• You will understand Directives and how to interact with them
• You will learn how to use templates & Decorators in Angular
• What is Observable & how to process a response
• How to style your application
• Learn about Typography, Buttons & Badges in Angular Material
• Understand the usage of Chip, Icons & Progress Spinners in Angular Material
• Get to know Cards, Dividers & Expansion Panels in Angular Material
• Introduction to Lists, Steppers & Tabs in Angular Material
• Learn how to use Grid Lists & make a Layout in Angular Material
• How to use side navigation & side drawer with Angular Material
• Learn how to use Tables with Angular Material
• + constant updates with new content

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