Advanced Foundations of Python Programming | 2023 Training [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

SDE Arts | Octavo, Ahmed Ibrahim

What you'll learn :

1. Advanced Collections: Named Tuples, Default Dictionary, Counters, Ordered Dictionary, Queues and Deques
2. Advanced Functions: Zipping, Unzipping, Evaluating expressions, Memory view, Mapping objects with lambda, Enumerating objects and Executing Python expressions
3. The *args and **kwargs to pass variable number of args
4. Iterators and Iterables in Python: Iterate over sequences using different techniques and tricks. Building Iterators using FP and OOP
5. Generator functions with many yield statements and Generator expressions
6. Metaclass: Built-in metaclasses and building custom metaclass
7. Decorators: Functional Programming, Regular way to decorate a function, and the best way using @
8. Comprehensions: List comprehension, Dict comprehension, Set comprehension and Tuple comprehension
9. Building Logger to indicate the problems
10. Creating custom Calendar with different ways

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