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What is the Metasploit Framework and How is it Used?

The Metasploit framework is a very powerful tool which can be used by cybercriminals as well as ethical hackers to probe systematic vulnerabilities on networks and servers. Because it’s an open-source framework, it can be easily customized and used with most operating systems.

With Metasploit, the pen testing team can use ready-made or custom code and introduce it into a network to probe for weak spots. As another flavor of threat hunting, once flaws are identified and documented, the information can be used to address systemic weaknesses and prioritize solutions.

Who Uses Metasploit?

Due to its wide range of applications and open-source availability, Metasploit is used by everyone from the evolving field of DevSecOps pros to hackers. It’s helpful to anyone who needs an easy to install, reliable tool that gets the job done regardless of which platform or language is used. The software is popular with hackers and widely available, which reinforces the need for security professionals to become familiar with the framework even if they don’t use it.

Metasploit now includes more than 1677 exploits organized over 25 platforms, including Android, PHP, Python, Java, Cisco, and more. The framework also carries nearly 500 payloads

Why This Course?

Learn hacking practically.Learn Basics and Advanced Of Metasploit.The course is well structured and easy to learn.High quality support from an professional Ethical Hacker.Start as a beginner and go all the way to launch your own hacking attacks.This course is for beginner. In this curse you gather knowledge about Exploitation methods & Web developers checking the port of web application.

See you inside!

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What you will learn :

1. Exploitation methods
2. Web developers checking the port of web application
3. Learn more about Metasploit
4. Use some of the advanced Metasploit technically

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