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Course : The Ultimate C++ Advanced Programming Course | 2022

Free Udemy Coupon, C++ Programming – Improve your Skills!

Free Udemy Coupon, C++ Programming – Improve your Skills!

This is the second programming course offered in university. This course will teach you concepts that are widely used in the software world in fields such as game development, web development, mobile app development, and much more. Having a solid foundation in object oriented programming will help you excel in those fields.


The Ultimate C++ Beginner Course

Recommended Book

Problem Solving with C++ 10th Edition by Walter Savitch

About this Course

You will learn advanced programming concepts. In particular, we focus on object oriented programming (OOP).


Where can I ask you questions?

You can leave a comment under the “Q and A” tab in the lecture related to your question.

Does this course cover data structures?

No. Data structures is a course by itself, which universities usually offer after completing an object oriented programming course.

What’s next?

I’ll work on a short After Effects video editing/animation course, then you can expect a few web development courses. In particular, I’ll create a course on HTML and CSS (two of the core technologies for building websites), and WordPress (a powerful tool that allows you to build websites using a simple drag and drop interface without using any code.

In this article, we will explore the world of C++ programming and how you can enhance your skills through a free Udemy coupon. C++ programming is an important language widely used in various fields such as game development, web development, and mobile app development. By gaining a solid foundation in object-oriented programming, you can excel in these areas and achieve career success.

If you’re looking to dive into C++ programming or enhance your existing knowledge, the Ultimate C++ Beginner Course is a recommended starting point. This course will cover the basics of C++ programming and provide you with the necessary skills to advance in your programming journey.

In addition to the course, it is highly recommended to supplement your learning with the book “Problem Solving with C++ 10th Edition” by Walter Savitch. This book will further solidify your understanding of the language and help you apply your knowledge to real-world programming problems.

Advanced Programming Concepts

Once you have a strong foundation in C++ programming, it’s time to delve into advanced concepts. This will enable you to tackle more complex projects and enhance your programming skills. In this course, we will focus on object-oriented programming (OOP), an essential paradigm in modern software development.

With OOP, you will learn how to organize code into reusable and modular components called objects. This approach enhances code readability, maintainability, and reusability. Understanding OOP will open doors to various opportunities in the software industry and give you a competitive edge.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions related to the course or specific programming topics, feel free to ask. You can leave a comment under the “Q and A” tab in the lecture, and I will be glad to assist you.

Does this course cover data structures?

No, data structures is a separate topic that is usually covered in a dedicated course. Once you have completed this object-oriented programming course, you can explore data structures in more depth to further enhance your programming skills.

What’s next?

As a continuation of this series, I am planning to work on a short course that focuses on After Effects video editing and animation. Additionally, I will be offering web development courses that cover essential technologies such as HTML and CSS. These core technologies are fundamental to building websites. Moreover, I will introduce WordPress, a powerful tool that allows you to create websites with a simple drag and drop interface, eliminating the need for coding.

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What you will learn :

1. Know about classes
2. Know about objects
3. Know about member variables
4. Know about member functions
5. Know about class inheritance
6. Known about data abstraction
7. Know about scope resolution
8. Know about getters and setters
9. Know about the constructor
10. Know about inheritance
11. Know about friend functions
12. Know about operator overloading
13. Know about arrays in a class
14. Know about dynamic arrays in a class
15. Know about the big three
16. Know about the destructor
17. Know about the copy constructor
18. Know about overloading = operator
19. Know about this keyword
20. Know about protected keyword
21. Know about derived classes
22. Know about polymorphism
23. Know about virtual functions
24. Know about namespaces
25. Know about recursion
26. Know about templates
27. Know about exception handling
28. Know about struct vs class
29. Know about enum
30. Know about separate compilation

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