Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Print, Slideshow & Web Module

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Print, Slideshow & Web Module

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Course : Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Print, Slideshow & Web Module

This course offers a comprehensive guide to the foundations of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, with a primary focus on the Lightroom Print, Slideshow, and Web Modules. We start right from the basics, where we explore the Lightroom interface and creating an image catalog. From there students learn to configure catalog settings while using the import dialog and import file handling. In this section students also learn to work with metadata presets, and preferences related to import options.

In the next section, we dive deeper into file formats and color space. Understanding various image compression types and the quality vs size trade-off is crucial when working with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. We discuss the differences between RAW, JPEG, and TIFF files, as well as the importance of selecting the appropriate color space, such as sRGB, RGB, or CMYK. Furthermore, we also explore the concept of image resolution and the significance of pixel density in determining image quality.

Learn the Foundations of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Section three completes our overview of the Lightroom interface by showcasing a few more essential features. This includes a number of file handling options, interface preferences, identity plate configuration, and watermarking. These features are designed to enhance your workflow and maintain consistency throughout your editing process.

Create Stunning Slideshows with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Once students have a firm handle on the foundations, the course transitions into exploring the Lightroom slideshow module. Here, students learn how to navigate the slideshow interface and create stunning slideshows from image collections using various slideshow templates. We also cover a number of tools to spruce up the overall look of a slideshow using text overlays, and embedded media objects such as music and video. Lastly, students will learn how to export a slideshow using various file formats and compression options.

Master Studio-Quality Prints using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

After completion of the slideshow module, we dive into the print module. Here students will learn how to navigate the print module interface and setup print templates to produce studio-quality images on both home and commercial-grade printers. Students will learn important concepts such as soft proofing, page setup, layout style, custom templates, and print job configuration. This section will ensure that your printed images meet your artistic vision and professional standards.

Showcase Your Work Online with the Lightroom Web Module

The last section of the course provides a quick guide to publishing image collections to the web, using the Lightroom Web module. We start with an overview of the interface before exploring various layout options and the color palette. We then move on to the appearance panel, and output configuration before demonstrating how to publish the gallery using various web file formats. Sharing your work online is essential in today’s digital age, and the Lightroom Web module is the perfect tool for photographers to showcase their portfolio.

As you can see, this course covers a wide range of topics that are essential to anyone starting off with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. It’s also a great resource for both professional and aspiring photographers that are looking to take their existing photos to the next level. If you’re as excited as we are about this course, make sure to use the Free Udemy Coupon provided below and hit the enroll button to get started.

Free Udemy Coupon: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Free Udemy Coupon: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Free Udemy Coupon: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Free Udemy Coupon: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Free Udemy Coupon: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

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What you will learn :

1. Navigating the Lightroom Slideshow Module
2. Working with Slideshow Templates
3. Building Interactive Slideshows with Embedding Media
4. Exporting Slideshows
5. Navigating the Lightroom Print Module
6. Foundations of Soft Proofing
7. Working with Print Templates, Layout Styles, and Layout Options
8. Print Job Templates and Configuration
9. Navigating the Web Module in Lightroom
10. Publishing Image Collections to the Web

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