Adobe After Effects Ultimate Guide

Josh Werner

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Hello everyone and welcome to Adobe After Effects Ultimate Guide.

In this video, we’re going to go over a course overview of what we’re going to be learning throughout the course.

So in Section two, we’re going to do a deep dive into creative cloud plans and pricing.

So we’ll cover individuals, business students and teachers and schools and universities.

Then we’ll learn how to create a creative cloud account for free.

And then we’ll talk about creative cloud web in Section three and also learn how to install after effects in Section three.

In Section four, we’re going to be talking about the welcome page.

So we’ll cover all of these buttons here.

So how to create a new project to open a project home, learn new team project How to open a team project, how to search what’s new in After Effects.

And also we’ll talk about account and we’ll talk about all that interesting stuff there.

Okay, then we’re going to build out a project.

So I’m going to use the final project that I built as an example.

But we’re going to build out a simple project and then we’re going to look at the file manual.

So file edit, composition, layer, effect, animation, view, window and help.

And what I meant by file menu was main menu.


Then in the Windows panel, we’re going to talk about workspaces and then we’re going to cover all of the panels here that are inside of after effects.

Then we’ll go and dive into the preferences and talk about general previews, display import output

grids and guides, labels, media and disk caches.

Aakash Video Preview Appearance New Project AutoSave Memory and Performance Audio Hardware Audio Output Mapping Sync Settings Type Scripting and expressions 3D and notifications.


From there, we’ll learn about the tools.

Which you can see here.

And then we’ll finish up a simpler project than this with those tools and learn how to use the tools with an actual project.


Then we’re going to get to the fun part of the course where we’re going to build out not one but 30 projects.

And the key to this is repetition and practice.


And I’m going to help you to practice and teach you and walk you through step by step how to edit my promo videos and add some effects to it by going to my website, which is Learn Talk Project files, e-comm to grab the zip files that I have.

In fact, let’s take a look at that right now.

So we’re going to go to this website and open up a new window here and we’re going to go to learntechprojectfiles dot com.

We’re going to go to After Effects 2022 projects.

And you can see right here all of the project files that we’re going to be looking at.


So it goes from a logo to a promo video to all of these promo videos that we’re going to build in with all these different files and different things like that.

And I’ll walk you through step by step, each one of those.

We’re going to have a great time.


I’m telling you right now, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

And then we’ll wrap the course up with a summary and a thank you video of what we learned throughout the course.

So with that, I want to tell you one thing.

Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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What you will learn :

1. Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 Plans
2. Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 Account Setup
3. Install Adobe After Effects 2022
4. Welcome Page
5. Build a Project While Learning the Interface
6. Main Menu
7. Workspaces
8. Panels
9. Preferences
10. Tools
11. Project #1 – Logo
12. Project #2 – Promo Video
13. Project #3 – Adobe After Effects 2022 | Basics
14. Project #4 – Adobe After Effects 2022 | Projects
15. Project #5 – Adobe After Effects 2022 | Ultimate Guide
16. Project #6 – Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 | Basics
17. Project #7 – Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 | Projects
18. Project #8 – Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 | Ultimate Guide
19. Project #9 – Adobe Photoshop 2022 | Basics
20. Project #10 – Adobe Photoshop 2022 | Projects
21. Project #11 – Adobe Photoshop 2022 | Ultimate Guide
22. Project #12 – Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 | Basics
23. Project #13 – Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 | Projects
24. Project #14 – Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 | Ultimate Guide
25. Project #15 – Adobe Animate 2022 | Basics
26. Project #16 – Adobe Animate 2022 | Projects
27. Project #17 – Adobe Animate 2022 | Ultimate Guide
28. Project #18 – Adobe Illustrator 2022 | Basics
29. Project #19 – Adobe Illustrator 2022 | Projects
30. Project #20 – Adobe Illustrator 2022 | Ultimate Guide
31. Project #21 – Adobe InDesign 2022 | Basics
32. Project #22 – Adobe InDesign 2022 | Projects
33. Project #23 – Adobe InDesign 2022 | Ultimate Guide
34. Project #24 – Adobe XD 2022 | Basics
35. Project #25 – Adobe XD 2022 | Projects
36. Project #26 – Adobe XD 2022 | Ultimate Guide
37. Project #27 – Adobe Audition 2022 | Basics
38. Project #28 – Adobe Audition 2022 | Projects
39. Project #29 – Adobe Audition 2022 | Ultimate Guide
40. Project #30 – Photo Editing with Photoshop 2022 | Ultimate Guide

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