ADO .Net Programming and C# Windows Apps

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Course : ADO .Net Programming and C# Windows Applications

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This training is dedicatedly focused on data access techniques in .NET Framework i.e. ADO .NET which is one of the most efficient data interaction techniques. The goal of this course is to make you proficient in all the fundamentals and deep concepts related to the technology so that you can use these skills to be showcased in your business case scenarios efficiently.

The Objective of the training is to help you go through every basic regarding this .NET Framework so that at the end of the course you can be confident enough to use this technology efficiently. Throughout this training we’ll go through various topics such as ADO .NET in WinForms, Using ADO .NET in C# Applications, various real-life projects, etc. Throughput the training session we’ll be using various .NET Frameworks in our projects so that at the end you will be able to develop a full-function .NET Web Application.

What is ADO .NET?

ADO .Net may be defined as the technology to access a database that was developed by Microsoft. It stands for ActiveX Data Object. It is considered as the party of the .net framework. The reason behind the introduction of this technology is to enable the application to access any type of data source from the database. The complex applications that require to access the database to meet the business requirements can be developed using this technology together with the .net framework. The data resources accessed through this technology could be leveraged by the allocation to serve the end-user. It could be used in addition to Winforms to make the application more efficient.

Learn ADO .NET for Efficient C# Windows Apps

This ADO .NET course has been designed and developed to help everyone willing to master this technology. The one who goes through this course will be able to develop the application that has the accessibility to the database or the data resources it has. They will also learn how the application can be developed in a manner so that it can fetch the appropriate data from the database, process it, and manipulate the data as well. While learning this technology, one has to be clear about the .net framework as well which means the trannies will also learn about the .net framework. The important thing is, you will also learn how to develop and deploy the application developed using ado .net in the production environment and right after finishing the course, you will be able to work in this technology.

Highlights of the Course

  1. Master ADO .NET in C# Windows Apps
  2. Learn to develop applications with database access
  3. Understand the concepts of the .NET Framework
  4. Develop and deploy web applications using ADO .NET
  5. Real-world projects and scenarios for hands-on learning
Who Can Enroll in This Course?

This course is suitable for:

  • Beginners who want to learn C# Windows Apps with ADO .NET
  • Experienced developers looking to enhance their skills
  • Professionals in the field of data access and database management
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What you will learn :

1. Learn .NET Framework i.e. ADO dot NET which is one of the most efficient data interaction techniques
2. Throughout this training we’ll go through various topics such as ADO dot NET in WinForms, Using ADO dot NET in C# Applications, various real-life projects, etc
3. creating ADO connection with the Database, creation of ADO Recordset, Extraction of data from Recordset, closing the Recordset and connection, etc
4. Concepts such as making the connection between heterogeneous environment, Scalability in this technology, Robustness, and high productivity

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