Adding Blockchain to a Unity Game

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In this course you will learn how to integrate the NEAR blockchain into your Unity game. NEAR wallet integration is covered, so you can sign in & sign out of your NEAR wallet within Unity. Also, in Unity you will be able to connect to an NFT smart contract and retrieve any NFTs that the signed in user has. Additionally you will be shown how to create your own mint site where you can mint new NFTs and have them displayed on the website when they are successfully minted.

And.. I will go through how to create your own NFT smart contract and deploy it to the NEAR blockchain so you can use that newly created smart contract in your game!

What will you do in the course:

Create a NEAR walletImport a Unity packageIntegrate the NEAR wallet into UnityIntegrate NEAR NFTs into UnityCreate a mint siteDeploy a smart contract

Why learn with me?

I’ve been building in Unity for over 10 years, created numerous plugins, VR/AR experiences and games. My most successful game had 1.4 million downloads. I’ve deployed VR solutions into US hospitals and am currently working on a blockchain game called Rogues.

Hopefully I’ll see you in the course!

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What you will learn :

1. Blockchain integration using the NEAR blockchain
2. Signing in with a NEAR Wallet
3. NFT integration
4. Creating a Mint Site
5. Creating and deploying a smart contract

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