50 Days of Code PYTHON Data Structures & Algorithms LEETCODE

50 Days of Code PYTHON Data Structures & Algorithms LEETCODE

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Course : 50 Days of Code PYTHON Data Structures & Algorithms LEETCODE

About the Course:

Welcome to the Algorithms and Data Structures Coding Interview Bootcamp with Python!

The primary goal of this course is to prepare you for coding interviews at top tech companies. By tackling one problem at a time and understanding its solution, you’ll accumulate a variety of tools and techniques for conquering any coding interview.

Daily Coding Challenges:

The course is structured around daily coding challenges. Consistent practice will equip you with the skills required to ace coding interviews. For the next 40 days commit to yourself to practice atleast 2 coding interview questions everyday. You don’t need any setup for this as the daily coding problem challenges can be solved in the coding environment provided by Udemy. The course will automatically track your progress and you just need to spend your time making actual progress everyday.

Topics Covered:

We start from the basics with Big O analysis, then move on to very important algorithmic techniques such as Recursion, Backtracking and Dynamic Programming Patters. After this we move to cover common data structures, and discuss real problems asked in interviews at tech giants such as Google, Meta, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and Microsoft.

For each question, we will:

Discuss the optimal approachExplain time and space complexityCode the solution in Python (you can follow along in your preferred language)

Additional Resources:

The course includes downloadable resources, motivational trackers, and cheat sheets.

Course Outline:

Day 1: Arrays, Big O, Sorted Squared Array, Monotonic ArrayDay 2:Recursion,k-th symbol in Grammar,Josephus problemDay 3:Recursion, Tower of Hanoi, Power SumDay 4:Backtracking, Permutations, Permutations 2Day 5:Backtracking, Subsets, Subsets 2Day 6:Backtracking, Combinations, Combinations Sum 1Day 7:Backtracking,Combinations Sum 2,Combinations Sum 3Day 8:Backtracking,Sudoku Solver, N QueensDay 9:Dynamic Programming, Fibonacci, Climbing StairsDay 10:Dynamic Programming, Min Cost Climbing Stairs, TribonacciDay 11:Dynamic Programming, 01 Knapsack, Unbounded KnapsackDay 12:Dynamic Programming, Target Sum, Partition Equal Subset SumDay 13:Dynamic Programming, LCS, Edit DistanceDay 14:Dynamic Programming, LIS, Max Length of Pair Chain, Russian Doll EnvelopesDay 15:Dynamic Programming, Palindromic Substrings, Longest Palindromic Substring, Longest Palindromic SubsequenceDay 16:Dynamic Programming, Palindrome Partitioning, Palindrome Partitioning 2Day 17:Dynamic Programming, Word Break, Matrix Chain MultiplicationDay 18:Dynamic Programming, Kadane’s algorithm – Max Subarray, Maximum Product SubarrayDay 19: Arrays, Rotate Array, Container with Most WaterDay 20: Hash Tables, Two Sum, Isomorphic StringsDay 21: Strings, Non-Repeating Character, PalindromeDay 22: Strings, Longest Unique Substring, Group AnagramsDay 23: Searching, Binary Search, Search in Rotated Sorted ArrayDay 24: Searching, Find First and Last Position, Search in 2D ArrayDay 25: Sorting, Bubble Sort, Insertion SortDay 26: Sorting, Selection Sort, Merge SortDay 27: Sorting, Quick Sort, Radix SortDay 28: Singly Linked Lists, Construct SLL, Delete DuplicatesDay 29: Singly Linked Lists, Reverse SLL, Cycle DetectionDay 30: Singly Linked Lists, Find Duplicate, Add 2 NumbersDay 31: Doubly Linked Lists, DLL Remove Insert, DLL Remove AllDay 32: Stacks, Construct Stack, Reverse Polish NotationDay 33: Queues, Construct Queue, Implement Queue with StackDay 34: Binary Trees, Construct BST, Traversal TechniquesDay 35: Pre order and In order Traversal of Binary Tree – IterativeDay 36: Post Order Traversal Iterative, Path Sum 2Day 37: Construct Binary Tree from Pre and In order Traversal ^ In and Post order TraversalDay 38: Binary Trees, Level Order Traversal, Left/Right ViewDay 39: Level order Trav 2, ZigZag TraversalDay 40: Vertical order Traversal, Sum root to leaf numbersDay 41: Binary Trees, Invert Tree, Diameter of TreeDay 42: Binary Trees, Convert Sorted Array to BST, Validate BSTDay 43: Lowest common Ancestor of BST, Unique BST 2Day 44: Lowest common Ancestor of Binary Tree, Unique BST 1Day 45: Serialize and Deserialize Binary Tree, N-ary Tree Level Order TraversalDay 46: Heaps, Max Heap, Min Priority QueueDay 47: Graphs, BFS, DFSDay 48: Graphs, Number of Connected Components, Topological SortDay 49: Number of Provinces, Find if path exists in GraphDay 50: Number of Islands, Numbers with same consecutive differences

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What you will learn :

1. Dynamic Programming, Backtracking Techniques
2. Common Data Structures such as Arrays, Hash Table,Linked List,Binary trees,Graphs etc.
3. Time and Space Complexity of Algorithms, Detailed Discussion of Logic to solve questions
4. Real Coding Interview Questions from Google, Meta,Amazon,Netflix ,Microsoft etc.
5. Boost your Problem solving skills

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